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Just back from visiting this Scottish redhead. She is beyond my expectation again for £60/0.5h. I have been lucky lately! A quick call around 11am to book a 0.5h session at 12am, and she happily accepted. Told me to drive to IBIS Churchill way then call her. It was an awful traffic today by the way!!!!

Knocked at the door, and a 5'5'' cute lady popped out from behind the door (she said she is 23 and I think she is honest). Very nice looking as she called "The Girl Next Door", but you can see her eccentric tattoo all over her body (which is good for me). Face is 7 out of 10, tits are 9 out of 10 (naturally C+ and pink), but the only imperfect thing is her legs which are a bit thick to me. But overall, she has a very pleasant look and definitely got a "first class" mark from me.

Paper work done, shower done, and go on for FK, which was really nice. She is outgoing and really into kissing. Soon got on to the bed and started OWO. She said she would try deep throat, but still didn't manage to get it all in ( :cool:). I didn't return the oral to her because she just went to toilet before we got on to the bed without a shower ( :().

Since I only booked a 0.5h, so didn't waste too much time before getting the umbrella on. Missionary to start with, oh god she is tight! She acted like a porn star and made me really horny and fucked her hard. She then got on top and fucked me back. After about 100 pounding, I asked for anal and she did it without too much difficulty. It was much tighter and it was my first time enjoying fucking an ass hole (previous experience was much of a torture for my girlfriends, so for me too). It is really a good experience for me.

Then got to doggy, and fucked both holes. We were making dirty talks, like "wish got another dick fucking the other hole..." and she enjoyed it. So gents if you want, we could DP her maybe.

I finished off with going back to missionary, after a continual pounding accompanied by her loud moaning. I believe she was not faking it cause she really got wet and sweaty. After the deed, she was very nice to share some energy drink to me. When I leave IBIS, it was 32 min and she never rushed me in any way.

Appearance: 8 out of 10;
Sex: 9 out of 10;
Cost Effectiveness: 10 out of 10;
Will I go back: Maybe!
Banned reason: Troll
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