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Author Topic: Kassie - GEA  (Read 571 times)

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Offline zag69

I met Kassie last weekend and have been meaning to post a review, so here goes.

Appearance - Stunning girl, long dark hair and a great body, a little heavier than the pictures suggest but not fat. She has nice legs and really big shapely tits, a little fat about the middle but as she's tall so it's not that noticeable. She is a chatty, friendly girl and easy to talk to.

Punt - Started with OWO, which was good but kept stopping when she was starting to hit the spot and using her hand and would then start sucking again. Started fucking her with her on top then banged her mish and filled the bag. Talked for a bit then started round 2, OWO but kept stopping and using her hand again which was a bit frustrating because she's good at sucking but keeps stopping and wanking. Started riding her mish and pounded away but couldn't cum. Took the condom off and got her to wank me off but still couldn't cum, called it a day and jumped in the shower. Before I left I needed to grab those lovely big boobs one last time, they really are a work of art.

Conclusion - Kassie is gorgeous girl but I didn't really connect with her so I won't see her again. I would recommend her to other punters because she could be right for you and she is striking to look at.

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Offline JazzMan

Good review.
Another one to be careful of at GEA because she has been there for 5 years and not updated her profile. Still say age 23.
Very annoying when you expect owo and she tries to wank you off every few minutes instead.
Banning reason: Slagging off membership

Offline Dime

Thanks for the  review. She's one of those girls at the agency who has just never taken my fancy, and I've never really seen much written on here about her. I can totally relate, there have been a few punts I've had with girls at this agency where I couldn't cum-nothing more frustrating.  :dash:
Jazzman makes a good, valid point-  a lot of the girl's profiles are not updated, therefore minor details like her age are 4 years out of date!
Also, assuming it was an incall, (the studio flat in the newly built complex on the south side?)  can I ask what did you think the flat? IMO it is definitely better than the last one in the West End, and is much more discreet.

Offline zag69

The new flat is a lot better than the old place and discrete, shower works too. It's also closer for me than the more recent places so it's a win win. I might book tomorrow if Summer is working she is looking smoking hot :cool:

Offline solway

On another thread someone said they had problems withthe door - hopefully WD40 has worked or they've got a joiner in

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