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Met Lola last week, pleasantly surprised at how pretty her face was, as she states, a bit different. Goth type make up and a few lip and nose piercings, a few tats too.
Started with a bit of DFK, lots of tongue, little bitch bit my lip pretty hard. To be fair it kinda turned me on and gave me the green light for a bit of rough.
She is very sub and her wee face lit up when I told her to get on her knees, get my cock out and start sucking. Sucks cock pretty good, told her to get her hands behind her back and started to shove it balls deep! (Not the biggest but bigger and a bit thicker than average)
Finished with a nice facial which she seemed to love and then back in her mouth with a bit of clean up from her tongue.
I really enjoyed it as she was up for a bit of arse, face and tit slapping, fancied a change from the norm.
I gave her a neutral review as she is a heluva lot heavier than she gives away in her pics and also a bit pricey (but hey, you want to slap a whores tits for a bit...maybe it's worth it?)
No clock watching, was there a good bit longer than my 30mins and she is very open to suggestions.
One thing I forgot to mention, she has her nipples pierced and if you give them a good squeeze when you're ball deep she does a sexy wee whimper/gurgle around your knob!! Maybe just me, but sexy as fuck.

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"If you think it is a good idea to tie me up and have unprotected sex with me, I will not hesitate to prosecute."

Now that is one court case I would love to see...... :sarcastic:

I'll let you know how the court case goes when I'm up for it.