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Author Topic: Sapphire of Allure Escort Agency  (Read 2413 times)

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Looks most likely I have unearthed another gem here! Was feeling very horny yesterday, last bit of action was Wednesday last week when I booked into a hotel for a 4 girl binge one after the other with about hour gap between each, finale being Sarah Jane of Allure who thought I wasn't gonna cum from my marathon session that day... But she made it happen!

A quick glance through profiles, I see Sapphire has had a photo shoot and face was still a bit visible under the blur, thought she is hot and does incalls. Quick couple of texts to allure to tell them the drill of high heels short skirt stockings suspenders and do the usual on me, start at door.

It was DH7 area of Durham, nice estate, no on looking properties so very discrete for me. Knocked on door, she answered promptly, and looked just like pics, tall indeed in my heel request! Pulled through the door into DFK and a grope.

Was then led upstairs following her ass. Into bedroom, handed over my £50 for 30 mins. Stripped, as I did this, she also took her dress off. Wouldnt say she was busty, but had a great figure and a lovely face. Some more dfk as we fondled each other stood up. Told her to start the owo. It was a little to light for me at first, so asked her for hands free as deep as she could. She followed the instructions and the owo was awesome.

Fell onto bed, more kissing and groping and put my finger in her pussy, already wet  :cool:. Gave her a good fingering, where moans of encouragement could be heard. I then slipped a sly digit into her ass, no objection. Asked her that ok, she just hummed to confirm it was ok. Wet my fingers a bit with a bit of spit and started fingering her arse. I was pretty confident anal would be available  :rose:.
She then reached for the rubber. I then cheekily asked whether anal was a goer as she seemed to do well with the finger, she agreed! Couldn't believe my luck, a young lass willing to take it up the arse. Did cowgirl anal immediately, all at her pace. She seemed so turned on. Was very slow to start with, but once rhythm was going she was moaning with pleasure.

Asked for doggy anal, she went straight on all fours, slid up her ass again. Was beautiful watching my cock slide in and out til I came. Got chatting for a bit whilst she performed a massage which I had requested, a nice oily one. My luck was in , she was a qualified masseuse to level 3 in something... Went over my head.

Really nice massage, and you could tell she knew what she was doing. Started talking about anal, she did say she only does it at discretion, so was lucky that I wasn't too big for her. Turned over for her to massage my front, finished off with a nice oily wank off her.

Jumped in the shower, and made my way. Dfk, owo cim (no swallow), anal at discretion. A really willing lass who seemed to come across as slightly submissive. I think this one gonna be a popular lass just based on her attitude.
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Blimey - talk about quick off the mark!!!!

Cheers MM2 - good review, sounds like she is game and she's on the list

Lets hope she sticks around longer than Sindy

I particularly like this shot of her

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i'm confused, if you booked a hotel why do an outcall  :unknown:

Offline themademan2

i'm confused, if you booked a hotel why do an outcall  :unknown:

Hotel was what happened last Wednesday on my 4 lass binge. This was yesterday, a week after hotel binge, an Incall at her place dh7
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Offline themademan2

Just had a 1 hour Incall with her, 2 rounds of anal pounding she got of me. Can't wait to see her again
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Offline Third Man

see she's gone from allure now. says several problems. I saw her at the weekend for an hour , thought she was a nice lass, owo cim, was going to review but no point now .

I'd leave a review anyway in case she comes back

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