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Testing my theory of taste I booked the well-reviewed, touring or

Comms started well but ended up terrible. One of the worst organised punts ever and nearly couldn't be arsed to go through with it, turning to Plan B, but persisted due to the positive UKP reviews.
When I eventually got to her she is as per her pics. Maybe slightly older but nothing concerning. Kind of girl you'd pull at Glastonbury if you were remotely good looking. No messing around and I got the full time from her.
She is a really good shag. I can see where the recommendations come from. Happy to go with the flow and was a lot of fun. Even found a new position that I've never tried before. Her eyes and arse are great features. Oh, the arse, if that was ever on the menu..........
Sadly her clock management wasn't a good point and made the end of the punt uncomfortable and awkward for us both. Nothing on purpose but I'd have thought she'd have that part of the punt nailed on after some time in the business.

Good shagger
No timewasting

Toothy on the BJ

Summary, shit start, great middle, shit end.

Overall, 5 out of 10.
Would I return? No, but if that arse becomes available then that would be difficult to resist......

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Thanks for the review Dogfather. Shame she didn't live up to her reviews entirely. Was on the HL but there are so many girls to choose from that there is no point in taking chances so now removed.

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What happened at the end to make it awkward?