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Offline solway

Anyone seen her.Looks good but profile a bit crazy. Rates in "Transnistrian Ruble"   :mad: is she just taking the piss ?

She's 100% genuine but also 100% scatty - probably just a mistake on her part. You can tell by her profile - there isn't a single legible sentence on it. When I seen her it was £70 for 30 mins, I haven't been back but probably will when I start punting again after I'm fully recovered.

Her rates go up and down like .... well a whore's knickers. As I said, very disorganised but a friendly girl in person.

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Offline Santiago

She looks a wee bit rough about the edges, what's her nationality  :unknown:

Offline johncee83

She's a wee mad blonde bird fae springhall she's hot and sexy as fuk but mental

Offline Rangerslad

She's excellent at sucking cock and really good looking.
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