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Author Topic: Pamela Sexy Sexy  (Read 969 times)

Offline Anders606


I've searched the site for this one: 2804516, but nothing...


Any advice please...I can TOFTT, but it would be great to have some prior info!

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Oh do TOFTT!  :P. She's Bulgarian, and there are precious few of them around in the middling price range. I've had her on my list for a while but haven't had the opportunity yet.

I'm told that a good Bulgarian is very good (they have a great no-inhibition attitude to sex), and Bulgarian women are gorgeous.

Offline tonysoprano

Fantastic looking tits on her. If I was in the area i'd be very tempted to go visit her.
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Offline SamLP

She looks good, her veri pic too.

It looks like she works with https://www.adultwork.com/2826624 or https://www.adultwork.com/Anni+Doll
Just off Holloway Road

7 review(s) found for Anni Doll linked to in above post (3 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Anders606

Well, I emailed and haven't had a response yet.
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Looks very hot - an great tits - Her veri pics taken in June But her AW profile up since jan 2015?  is this correct?

Offline SamLP

Well, I emailed and haven't had a response yet.

She's unlikely to reply, just give her a call.

Offline Anders606

Thanks Sam! I will do. I'll hopefully see her through the week if I can speak with her.

Thanks again.
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