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Author Topic: frustrated or non rated ????  (Read 606 times)

Offline riskytimes

sent 13 emails to girls on AW this afternoon in and around the Portsmouth area hoping for a punt . Not one actually read the email or replied !! did I mention lazy good for nothing idle etc etc etc etc

more luck chatting up the girl in the local co op and getting a shag !   for free

Offline sushi

Why don't you save yourself time and stress by picking up the phone and calling them?

Offline Zowieberg

Calling is not always possible for some people, depending on circumstances

Offline riskytimes

pick up the phone a call them ?.......wow didn't think of that sure doh !! guess what ? they don't fucking answer or it goes to a answer machine and the latest scam is the answerphone so you hang up and then get an immediate text saying " text me my love " which means in their language that if you text it gets rerouted thru several servers and that one text costs you £5 !!

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