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Author Topic: British Gem? Anyone seen?  (Read 1748 times)

Has anyone had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady:

https://www.adultwork.com/2769810 or https://www.adultwork.com/British+Gem

No review on here and I will happily TOFTT with the hope that she is even 10% of her pictures if I receive even a sniff of approval!

Thanks gents

(I made sure to check that she doesn't offer BB this time haha)

4 review(s) found for British_Gem linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline yaa tere

would toft for sure mate, looks good to me

Offline Zeusthedoc

Tried to contact a number of times. no joy.

Good luck - post a review of you do toftt!

Did you end up seeing her as I am interested in her

Yep and she was fantastic, she had her hair dyed red when I went to go and see her and her body is exactly as her photos, perfect tits and an AMAZING ass. There are a couple of things to note though:

- She's a bit picky with what she does and doesn't do, as in a few positions were tried, but not all that many were agreed on.
- She doesn't do OWO after you have cum the first time, she uses protection to perform oral after that.
- She doesn't mind rimming (on her) but she isn't too comfortable with inserting anything (if you have small fingers you may be ok)

But she really is a looker, I'd say these drawbacks are worth it because she truly is so hot it's crazy. The view whilst taking her from behind will forever be with me

I'll try post a review soon, I've seen a number of girls since my last review but I'm not in the mood to write up any reviews just yet  :P

Did you see her in Canary Wharf Bondy? And did you just arrange everything via the phone?
Been trying to hook up with her for ages to no avail...

I managed to get in touch with her fairly easily over AW and made all of the arrangements using their email system/booking system. I remember I saw her on a Friday at Canary Wharf and I believe she told me that she works Friday, Saturday + Sunday at Canary Wharf and the rest of the week elsewhere in the country. It was a pretty straight forward booking I found, not sure why so many people are having issues contacting her, she does the usual thing of having you call her when you are nearby etc. to give you her room number and uses the booking system like everyone else.

Offline Zeusthedoc

She didn't answer whenever I called - I guess I called in non-workig days or someone was already hanging out the back of her.

Try dropping her an email asking when she would be available to call? If you can get hold of her, I'd say that body of hers is worth the hassle

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