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Author Topic: I wonder how many prossies will provide these?  (Read 1142 times)

Condoms that change colour if an STI is present are set to enter development. http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/33253890/colour-changing-condoms-get-picked-up-by-contraceptive-company. Can imagine the shocked look on some wgs faces if they turn into a rainbow :)

On a more serious note, if they get developed and are 100% reliable it might help those seeking safe bareback. Have a round with them on, if they stay clear Bobs your uncle, Fannys your aunt. You've both just passed an instant test kit. But as expert at the end of the article says there would be a lot of hurdles to overcome before it became a reality.

Offline fredpunter

I think you'd have to do it once with a prossie supplied condom and once with a punter supplied condom to ensure that trust was established that counterfeit condoms weren't being used. So only on the third POP could you go bareback. If I ever book a week long punt I will consider it.

It won't work with HIV so I doubt you'd be able to just go bareback without a care in the world.  Think of this as a convenient warning if you do have something like herpes, not as permission to perform without protection. 

I wouldn't go bareback even if these jonnies were 200% reliable as there's no guarantee the girl is in the pill and I don't want a call from the CSA 9 months later


It can take weeks for an STI to appear, I don't think the condoms will be an instant nor accurate view of whether you have an STI or not.

Hence why going to a GUM clinic, they ask you if you've had sex in the past 2 weeks, if yes they usually tell you to return for a repeat test within the next month.

You'd probably need sunlasses to look at one worn by our new member BBUK

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