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Author Topic: Do you like talking to WG's?  (Read 2027 times)

As a two-pop punter, some chat is quite welcome in the break between rounds.  It's much better than lying there in silence whilst she fiddles around with her mobile.

God!, isnt that the most annoying thing!. Its bad enough with young civvie girls they cannot exist without those things anymore but a girl sodding around with her mobile during your punt time, bad form!.

And yes do like to talk to her after all one human to another:).

Like to chat a bit between rounds, share a few laughs but no personal information. Silence makes things awkward and less enjoyable

I'm happy to talk to anyone I find interesting

Whether it's hobo, wg, a suit or just a random

If the wg interests me then yes, if not then no

I don't talk for the sake of it, I never suffer in awkward silences I can happily zone out and go to my happy place full of cats and penguins whilst nodding

I'm a good listener even when I'm not

+1 that

I prefer cuddling and kissing to boring small talk and i get lost in conversation if wg happens to be an interesting person...seen 2 or 3 of those where i was really interested in what they had to say.

I feel more inclined to see ones that are good company.

Offline Quesadilla

All of my best punts and regs are girls I've really clicked with to talk to - either similar interests, sense of humour or something in common. Doesn't have to be a lot of chat to get a sense for that, but having just a bit of rapport massively improves the chemistry for me and therefore the success of the punt.

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Offline bigmc

Chat is essential for me.  I've got to click with a girl.  I find a sense of humour a big turn on

Offline hexohm

Definitely love a bit of chat, i want to know im fucking a human being rather than a conveyor belt. 

Ive only met one girl that was such a dick i wanted her to shut up and get on with the job.

Offline stevedave

For anyone not keen on any chit chat, this could be the way to go...

https://www.adultwork.com/2154520 or https://www.adultwork.com/kat2013

Online Corus Boy

Chatting can be nice, but like all aspects of punts, different horses for different courses.

One Thai lady I see often wants to improve her English so there is often a lot of chattering over glasses of wine but she makes clear that my time doesn't start until we move into the bedroom.

Offline Ben4454

I do laugh when people say the working girl talked away their time. I personally have never had this happen to me. What I usually do is if I detect she is a talker i'll just pull my cock out during her mid sentence and start stroking it and put her hand on it.

Even for the best of time wasting prossies this would be a difficult situation for them to keep talking nonscence..
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Personally always prefer to have a spark with a girl rather than no chat at all. I know we are there to fuck them but having seen a couple of Romanians last year who couldn't speak English it pissed me off that I couldn't get my point across!

Offline LL

Sometimes they talk a bit too much. Thus eating into the booking time. This annoys me. But once I get it in their mouth, I'm shouting in my head: "TRY TALKING NOW BYCHH!".
You've not been here long. What you say when you're new enables people here to form an impression of you. Be careful not to get the reputation of a right fucking cunt.

I like a bit of rapport with a girl. It makes life easier. Some girls are great at this and others aren't

What I don't like is non stop bullshit that wastes time.

Shyness is nice and shyness can stop you doing all the things in life you'r like to.

I personally don't see the point of talking because, certainly in my case:

1) Everything I say (name, job, relationship status etc.) will be bullshit

2) I assume everything she says is bullshit

So what's the point? This is why I now only do 30 minute rather than 1 hour or longer.

As a two-pop punter, some chat is quite welcome in the break between rounds.  It's much better than lying there in silence whilst she fiddles around with her mobile.

Sitting in a room with no communication sounds like an horrendous scenario to me too. No matter how much bollox we might be talking to each other, it HAS to be better than silence.

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