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Offline leafsfan1

Hackney/Haggerston or Enfield Town

Not having unlimited funds for punting, it's always comforting to have someone you can go to, who is 'no risk' and will give you absolutely 100% what you want.

Being a life-long fanatic of gigantic, pendulous boobs once can simply fin no better experience than a session with Leah. She has had apartments all over town from Paddington to Notthing Hill over recent years but she now works mainly out of a modern ground floor apartment in a nice quiet cul-de-sac in Enfield Town. I though saw her last week at her own place on the border between Hackney and Haggerston.

Visually Leah is quite short (5ft 2in I would guess) without heels and is admittedly quite on the mature side (mid-50s I'd say). However from just below the neck and seemingly down to her lap, she is ALL heavy, pendulous, globular breast. Quite astounding. She has told me previously that she has difficulty walking any further than a relatively short distance - purely due to the sheer weight of her breasts. When out she says she normally has to wear two heavy-duty bras to give her the support she needs.

The session itself; I could go into the details for ages. Suffice to say that she has a huge wardrobe to match any desire and role-playing scenario. I had her in extremely tight micro mini-skirt, skyscraper heels and a stretchy clingy shirt on which if one could garner the latent energy in the poor buttons straining their very hardest to stay done up, could power a small city!

When she finally unleashes her bazooms, I challenge any man not to be dumbstruck with awe. When she sat on the bed, they literally rested in her lap. They are EVERYWHERE!

I don't think anal play is on offer but pretty much everything else is - especially OWO - boy does she suck a mean cock. And the tit-wank is beyond description with baby oil flowing all over the place.

Leah (originally from South Yorkshire) is intelligent, humerous and an utter joy to be with.

For fans of mature huge-breasted ladies in London, there is no better option.
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