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Author Topic: Izabella Bella X - Swindon  (Read 1079 times)

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I saw Izabella yesterday. I'd never fucked a blonde before and wanted to try something different. I'd added her to my hotlist a couple of weeks ago as a possibility and seeing as I had a free afternoon and she was showing as available today on adultwork I thought I'd go for it.


She's working from a modern apartment in Swindon Old Town. Easy parking on the street. Access is via intercom from the street and then private entrance to the flat. Seemed very discreet and safe.


Comm's weren't great.

I initially phoned at 11am to try to book for 3pm that afternoon. No reply to the call but I left a text message inquiring about availability and received a reply 20 minutes later to say it was ok. I confirmed I wanted to book for 2 hours and asked for the postcode, confirmation from her took a further 20 minutes. I guess this is all ok though as she was probably entertaining another client at the time.

Where it fell down was when I arrived for the booking. I parked up nearby about 15 minutes early and waited in the car for 10 minutes before texting to say I was nearby and for her to let me know when she was ready. The reply I got was that she would see me in an hour. I fired back a text reply saying I had booked her for 3pm and asking if there was a problem. 3pm came with no response to my text so I tried phoning - no answer. A further unanswered call 5 minutes later and at 10 past I decided I'd try once more before giving up and going home - she answered. Izabella apologised for the confusion and asked if she could have 5 more minutes and then she'd be able to see me. I finally got up to the flat at twenty past three.

About Izabella

Izabella is a size 12 busty blonde in her late twenties. Her adultwork profile photos are accurate but flattering, she doesn't show her face in them which I would rate at maybe 6.5/10. She does have great tits. It's also worth noting that she currently has braces on her teeth.

She speaks very good English and has a pleasant personality. Conversation with her is relaxed and easy going. To be honest I didn't really fancy her but that's probably more down to my preference for brunettes and redheads than anything else. If I'd met her in a civilian setting I probably wouldn't try to chat her up but we would get on well.

The Service

Izabella greeted me at the door with a nice deep french kiss. Her hair was tied up and she was dressed in matching bra and knickers and a kind of lacy gown.

We went through to the bedroom and I asked if we were still ok for 2 hours given that we were twenty minutes late starting or did she want to shorten the booking. She confirmed all was still ok for 2 hours.

The service itself was ok but unremarkable. We french kissed quite a bit, she's a fairly good kisser - plenty of tongue but not prolonged. I played with her lovely breasts for a while and stroked her pussy. I asked if she liked fingers and she said outside was ok but no penetration. After a while of this, she asked if I wanted to fuck. I said I wanted my cock sucked first. Her oral technique was fairly good with plenty of eye contact but she didn't do it for long before deciding to apply a condom and climb on top of me.

We started of with sex in cowgirl position. I got her to let her hair down and dangle it in my face which was lovely whilst she ground herself on my cock. We moved into missionary which was good but she complained after a while that she couldn't breathe well with me on top of her. To be fair, I'm a fairly big bloke but she was the first girl to have ever complained about this - maybe because she's also a bit larger than other girls I have seen. We moved into doggy followed by spoons. I'd taken sildenafil before the punt and as often happens, I was struggling to cum so we decided to try more oral and hand relief. Again, oral was short lived but the hand relief felt good with plenty of spit and lube used. She was still struggling to get me to cum so I took over. She asked if I liked prostate massage so I let her stick a couple of well lubed condom covered fingers up my arse whilst I brought myself off over her tits.

Izabella handed me tissues and wet wipes to clean myself up whilst she went to the bathroom to clean herself off and then she disappeared from the room for a few minutes, I think to check her phone. When she came back, we cuddled up on the bed together and had a nice chat. It was during this conversation though that she asked whether it would be ok to finish at 5pm (I guess she had got another booking enquiry). I said I wasn't happy as I'd paid for 2 hours and that we had started at twenty past three. We negotiated a bit and in the end I said if she could get me off a second time, I would leave at 5:15.

Round 2 was pretty much the same routine as round 1, and again unremarkable but ok. She did clean me up at the end though rather than leaving me to do it myself which is always nice. We finished up about 5 past 5 and I had a shower and a brief chat while I dressed, leaving at 5:15 as we had agreed.

Didn't really fancy her but a pleasant enough girl.
Not terrible but a fairly average service.
Poor communications.

2 review(s) found for Isabella Iza linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline ATMIV

Excellent review -sorry it was so disappointing for you, but thanks you've just saved me and probably many others £100
Banning reason: Prossie fanboy

I saw her on 17 June and had a good time. I agree not outstanding, but I've had far worse. I'll get a review on here soon but she was tall, enthusiastic and energetic - which is how I like my blondes. And she does have great tits!

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