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Author Topic: evaparadisee69  (Read 642 times)


called and arranged to see this girl, she told me come at 3:30 as she was out.
okay so i got there just past 3:30, text no reply gave her a bell no answer, okay will give it 5 mins.

she then text me at 3:45 saying she would be back in 15min would i wait, yes no problem.
so i waited. bang on 4pm she text saying where are you, well i,m still outside i replied.
text me straight back giving me the flat name,so i replied what number flat???

as i was parked near the flats a guy walked out from there and stood outside the drive then crossed the road and waited.
now he got me thinking this some kind of a set up or just a coincidence..

5 mins after that she text sorry but i can't see you now will you come another day!!!
hmmm maybe not ay, got lucky there i think.

p.s i was near the flat and never seen her return or a car pull up.
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Offline Dodo

Now thats interesting. Same location, Walsall,  and exact same price structure as the new Romanian that Smithie has just posted about. See 'Walsall..new Romanian'.
Coincidence  I wonder. Perhaps you could liase with Smiffy and compare notes on the premises and let us know.
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just read Smiffys and decided to contact the girl he met.
its the same postcode so it,s gotta be the same place.

Offline Punjabi

Bonza you are correct both these girls work from the same place. Your experience is very different to smithie's which is very strange indeed.

Offline Trevor12

Bonza you are correct both these girls work from the same place. Your experience is very different to smithie's which is very strange indeed.

Have you seen either? If you have, what were your experiences like?

Offline Punjabi

I haven't seen either but did text them both a few days ago and they both gave me the same post code and said they work with each other so I assume out of the same flat.

I did drive down and saw a couple of dodgy looking blokes hanging around by the flats so I didn't pursue it any further and just decided to leave.

I did notice that the pics of the girl that smoothie saw had changed today but even her old pics were very good I thought.

I did PM smithie and he didn't see any blokes hanging around when he met her so u might just try again possibly a different time and see what happens.

okay lets get this sorted.
after smithies rite up i decided to go back and try the one he had seen.

called her same postcode so off i went
got to the address again and text her and she replied she was out and could i wait 10 min (not that old chestnut)
(looking for that bloke now)
okay so i did. then about 10 min later both girls walked passed me and smiled as they made there way towards there flat, then she text me with her number and in i went.
business done, must add very friendly lady  :)
i,m guessing the guy from this afternoon has nothing to do with ladies who work there.
i think the girls don't live there as both times they were out.
but i can confirm both ladies are the ones in there profile pictures.

FK? OWO? Anything else off the list?  Extra? All inc?

Offline Dodo

Why the dearth of info about this girl.......does she swear you to secrecy after the punt??
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no going to review her as only went 4 a quickie after yest afternoons performance, burnt fingers..

but i can say shes very friendly and attractive not like a pola attractive,
never got the wow factor when she opened the door but maybe i was expecting to much.

slim /nice body small tits, dressed up nice, and has a great smile.
started body kissing, ball playing on with the condom for covered.
asked to go down there she said extra, now sure if thats extra or pay for 30 min extra.
well she still gave in to me and off i munched.
sex in plenty of positions think she likes doggy.
stayed there a bit longer so not watching the clock  :timeout:
offered me a drink before i left and thats about it guys..

i'm guessing shes better in a longer booking but for me was just another vanilla service.
bit of a review then  :thumbsup:
remember was only quickie and shouldn't expect the works.

Offline Dodo

Thanks B, sounds like a Young Lucy. Err, and no girl is like a Pola attractive  :P
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