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Author Topic: sweetale: I hope this one is not fake  (Read 920 times)

Offline adindas


She looks hot, vfm WGs.

But unfortunately there is no way to contact her as there is no phone number displayed on her profile.
- I sent her messages in three occasions, never read ...
- PGs

So it might be fake ? Has anyone tried her ??

Quite a few vfm stunner on Tower Hamlets but unfortunately many of them do not display their phone number ...
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Offline adindas

I understand know why my previous Google Reverse Image search does not hit anything. I did not turn the safe search off.

I also find another sources where the images was taken. Also from here


See this WG is really hot ...
Unfortunately it is not genuine  ....


Google Reverse = https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=4834.0 :hi:

Offline Jacob

gone now ...

I did also report it earlier along with many others, they got up late today.  ;)

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