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Author Topic: WG's - does the sex beat your best civvy sexperience  (Read 1573 times)

Offline Steve2

With working girls you are paying to be able to walk away afterwards with NO comebacks

Civvie sex can change the ballgame dramatically

Just remember there is no such thing as free sex


Indeed, many civvy girls are looking to be treated well in many cases, unless it's a late night shagging behind a building :)
If your lucky it's just taxi fare to get her home and out your bed.

At worst it's a meal, drinks, taxis and presents over weeks before you get her knickers down :(

Offline unclepokey

My old friend Steve is absolutely right from my perspective.
My best sex ever has been (and continues to be) with WGs.

Even some early fumbles with girlfriends never came close.

And, much as I love Auntie, It's frankly no contest whatsoever.

Uncle Pokey

Offline Diehard

This thread is very interesting. Most people saying civvie sex is better base that opinion on the fact they have had disappointing punts.

We have all had crap punts....I had one of the worse experiences ever today, a review will be posted in a few days when she fucks off out the area and doesn't realise who I am on here, but the amazing punts when you go way over time are essentially civvie fucks as u are getting free time if that makes sense.

I'm older now not as in good shape as I was a few years ago, and the free time is a thing of the past (as well as other extras) as girls now stick to the time and I've formed the opinion that even hookers, if they find a guy reasonably attractive and are having fun, will go above and beyond what they state they offer and not clock watch, hence why on many of my reviews I state clock watching as a negative.

Civvie sex for me has never been that great, largely because the girl was too pissed on a one night stand. Relationship sex is totally different and can't be compared. Anyone who thinks punting is a substitute for a relationship is misguided. Punting for me is a substitute for going out on the pull for a one night stand.

Offline comaminion

Banning reason: White-knighting

A good punt is a hell of a lot better than pulling a civvie in my experience. But I do agree with those that say sex with someone you care about and have a connection with on several levels will always be the best kind of sex.

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