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Author Topic: A few Edinburgh reviews  (Read 3214 times)

Have seen a fair few girls in my time around Edinburgh so thought I would jot down a few words about some of them in no particular order

1) Dixie  https://www.adultwork.com/1978928 Nice girl, fuller figure with lovely tits and easy to get on with. Good OWO but no CIM in a nice clean flat near Murrayfield. Never my first choice but if she is available a good back up

2) Sam  https://www.adultwork.com/945474 Works in the same flat as Dixie and would probably give her exactly the same comments

3) Roxxy https://www.adultwork.com/2575854 Nice tits and as I don't normally like fake ones so that is not something I would usually say. When I met her a couple of months ago she was in a new flat not far from Cameron Toll but it was needing a good clean and i just didn't get a good vibe about the place so I certainly will not be back

4) Tracey https://www.adultwork.com/2827384 Possibly my worst punt ever in Edinburgh. New flat down at Western Harbour, from the tatoos I think I saw the same girl as in the photos but she was certainly far heavier. She is painfully shy and hardly said a word, hid under a duvet while I was getting undressed, flat was untidy, not wipes or anything to help clean up afterwards. I cut short the indented 1 hour booking and paid a bit less (which she didn't seem too upset about) and I don't think her personal hygiene was the best. As far as i am concerned avoid at all costs.

5) Lucrezia https://www.adultwork.com/1735821 High class massage, topless with happy ending. Lovely flat not far from the playhouse, excellent massage and a nice happy ending. She is a very slim and attractive girl with lovely pert little boobs and really wish she offered more but in some ways that is the attraction wondering what they would be like. Keep a look out for her special offers on reduced prices at certain times.

6) SexyMatureBlonde https://www.adultwork.com/2489012 Over the years my most regular punt and she is currently based not to far from the bypass on the South-west of the city. Lost my anal cherry with her (although she no longer offers this). I don't think her pictures do her justice even though she is probably closer to 50 than her profile suggests I think she is very attractive. She is always well presented and flat is nice and clean. We know what each other like and and so it is a good arrangement and at £60 for 30 minutes you can't really go wrong.

7) Connie https://www.adultwork.com/1166027 Pity she isn't working any longer. When she worked in Gorgie it was handy for a good lunchtime fuck, good OWO and CIM and very enthusiastic at everything else. Not the kind of lady if you are looking for something more sensual but just a real good fuck and I also had a couple of duos with her and a girl who i think was called Sophie which were excellent as well

Will review a few more when I get a chance

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And a few more reviews from the Edinburgh area

Mature Alexis https://www.adultwork.com/2652635 A few months since i have visited her. Clean flat not far from the Gyle easy to get parked. She is an ex dancer but stills keeps fit lovely legs and a gorgeous pair of tits. More of a sensual experience than the wham bam thank you ma'am so if you like a mature busty woman she is definitely worth a visit

Enigma Lilly https://www.adultwork.com/1471679 very nice you lady based not far from Fountainpark Good OWO & CIM. Can be a bit difficult to get a hold of and think things are a bit chaotic for her at times. She has put her prices up since I visited her and there is a separate topic about her not sure if I would pay what her new prices, but would visit again if she returned to her old rates.

The Blow job Queen 88 https://www.adultwork.com/2285171 Based not far from lothian road she does exactly what she says on the tin. If you are looking for a quick bj then Sarah could be the girl for you. Nice body but her face will not in too many prizes but good value for money for a quick meet. Flat could do with being a bit tidier.

Ruby-Redhead3 https://www.adultwork.com/2226421 A hidden gem in Gorgie! Lovely clean flat and a well presented girl with a bit of an innocent look but don't let that deceive you. Excellent OWO and CIM and generally just a great girl to spend time with. Can be difficult to get a hold of but it is worth persevering, she is currently on holiday and I can hardly wait till she gets back!

English Caroline https://www.adultwork.com/906273 She isn't in Edinburgh too often but keep an eye out for her. In her mid 40s but has the body of somebody 20 years younger. Very posh accent but does love to talk dirty, good OWO and very enthusiastic at everything else. Hope it isn't too long before she decides to visit Edinburgh again as i will be looking to book again and hopefully for longer than an hour this time

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Offline JazzMan

Excellent Fifeboy.
Good to get some genuine no-nonsense info.
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I also had a duo with Connie and Sophie a few years ago. Damn fine it was too   :yahoo:   With Connie being a bit older it was almost like a mother / daughter thing. I think Sophie is still working and, you never know, there's always a chance Connie will make a comeback. They were a couple of dirty buggers when they got together.  :thumbsup:
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Offline lafayette

I agree that Connie is a great loss to the scene. She was a genuine no holds barred girl who was friendly and very dirty at the same time. She's disappeared as has my other favourite Denise from Fife. Maybe it's just me.

Lucrezia is an entirely different proposition. Wonderful massage in beautiful flat and she's intelligent and beautiful .

Offline Happy99

Mature Alexis doesnt do GFE or kissing or OWO and seems to detest even the thought of it, so not sure how could be a sensual experience? Got impression she sees most kinds of bodily contact as dirty and would complain about slightest thing, so never made a booking. Seems well over-priced.

English Caroline, got the impression she does the over the top fake dirty talk in order to get someone off as quick as possible with limited services. She is a webcammer after all.

BlowJob Queen, pretty skanky experience. Doubt if she bothers mouth-washing between punts. Wouldnt recommned kissing her.

Offline GusFring

Unfortunately I have had the dubious 'pleasure' of Alexis. Fucking that old whore was about as much fun as visiting the dentist. She basically hates escorting and everything about it except one thing - the money! Her list of Don'ts was longer than Route 66. Highly unrecommended!
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