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Author Topic: Heaven is a place called Happy Garden.  (Read 1008 times)

Offline Flunt

When the god botherers ask me if I’ve thought about heaven the reply on the tip of my tongue is: “Yes, it’s a really cool place with free food and drink and I’m surrounded by loose women who want to fuck me.” I think it would be a lot better answer than a few grunts and “Sorry but I’m busy at the moment.”

My visit to Happy Garden was as a virgin with regard to FKK clubs. Maybe they are each on their own a piece of heaven? On Jerboa’s advice I read a few bits and pieces, the general impression I had about the pro$$ies working at FKK clubs was a bit hit and miss, the night of my visit was definitely a hit.

I was long overdue a trip to Belgium for some duty free and decided the extra few miles would be worth the trouble. I arrived fairly clueless, as a bloody foreigner that doesn’t speak the lingo, and parked up in a decent size car park. Buzzed in through the security door I am greeted by a selection of beautiful women milling around the entrance.

After handing over €60 entrance fee I asked if there were any English speakers around where I was introduced to Rebecca. First thing they do is give you a locker key, fit you out for a dressing gown, a pair rubber flip flops and towel. For the first time of the night Rebecca lead me down a darkened hallway to the changing rooms, a large room with a couple of hundred lockers, half a dozen men in various states of undress with one making full use of the deodorant left for general use.

From the changing room I followed the noise of the in house DJ blasting the latest hits from Bulgaria and Romania, a bit like the shit garage music that I couldn’t stand years ago only worse. It wasn’t as loud as I expected but its one saving grace was that it had the talent getting excited. The good news was the free bar, the bad was having the car parked outside. Dotted along the bar were a dozen or more bar stools with punters flirting with pro$$ies (pro$$ies touting for business). Opposite the bar was a shelf type bar with more pro$$ies and punters parked up which didn’t leave much room to squeeze through.

Outside was cold and grey otherwise I imagine scantily clad, semi naked women displaying their charms in far greater abundance, although a few braved it topless and a few in thongs and not much else. They didn’t stay like it for long though and were soon wrapped up in orange dressing gowns.

From the bar stepping out passed the DJ the rear opens up into a large area with tables and chairs to drink, eat, smoke and chat. Also available is the first sauna I found, a good size and hot. More steps to walk down taking you to the pool area surrounded by sun loungers. Just off from the pool area is where the food is, Saturday night was barbeque night with chips, bread rolls and things other people find in the salad aisles, things that food eats.

Behind the catering area you can re-enter the building just down from the changing rooms. A few games machines, the second sauna and another bar, which may or may not be self service for the beers? The main wall above the bar was decorated with the largest TV I have ever seen. Walking back up to the changing room there were two rooms with communal showers, the one I used had four shower heads.

The women in general were very impressive, a couple of sixes mostly sevens and eights. Physically they were on the whole model thin, a couple might have been a size 12 but no BBW anywhere. One came and smoked a cigarette with me not long after arriving, no hassling or pushing, a polite conversation and off she went.

First round was with Allie, a Romanian. She had beautiful face and an incredible body, I think she may be the bait for the B&S over here. For popping the cherry she gave the most amazing DT OWO before eagerly swapping from one position to the next. She didn’t strike me as the GFE type so no kissing or RO.

Number two was with Rebecca, who came and found me in the sauna. She claimed to be German, was slim, busty, long black hair a true vision. Sadly I let the side down and failed to perform despite her best efforts. She did give me the second worst massage I’ve suffered but at €50 (£35) it’s not the biggest waste of cash that I’ll suffer.

Number three was a Bulgarian waif whose name I didn’t ask. I sat at the bar licking my wounds from my earlier failure, rejecting the advances of several until along came Miss Bulgaria. She was maybe the oldest pro$$ies there, about mid thirties, six stone fully dressed and very persistent, encouraging me to explore her body whilst grinding her arse against the little fella, lap dance style. Eventually we headed outside for a beer and a cigarette where she flirted some more and with some FK thrown in whilst groping me some more I couldn’t refuse.

We found ourselves in some sort of dom room. Once naked she sat on the side of the bed giving a slow and gentle blow job without for a few minutes, then a good session of 69 before finishing in doggie, and that was me done.

In total I spent €210 (£150) for a Saturday night out at a FKK club, I arrived just after 8pm and left just after midnight. For those with greater appetites and no car the food a drink make it an absolute bargain and at £35 for half an hour with some stunning looking pro$$ies… The hotel I stayed at was about 10 miles away and charged £50 for a night.

Offline Jerboa

Good report flunt, sounds like you had fun.

Offline Flunt

Good report flunt, sounds like you had fun.

Thanks, I did! From what I've read the place is pretty much par for the course and I went on a lucky night with the girls available.

Looking around it appears more of a social event over there as opposed to the subdued dirty mac brigade portrayed in the UK. I can imagine a group of blokes working together and discussing where to go for a night out. In the UK it would be: meet up, have a few beers, watch some sporting event and finish the night with a curry £60 or £70 lighter. Not the Germans, FKK club and party in style.

Offline HughJardon

In the UK it would be: meet up, have a few beers, watch some sporting event and finish the night with a curry £60 or £70 lighter. Not the Germans, FKK club and party in style.

Probably explains why there better at football and sports than us, just that little bit more lighter on there toes  :lol:
Good write up Flunt

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