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Author Topic: Surely this girl is taking the piss with prices !  (Read 2427 times)

Offline MrBridger

WOW it must be fun to be able to rub one out each time the new edition of What Mobile Tablet et al comes out...... oh sorry of course 'on-line' version!  :rolleyes:


Meant as a joke. Obviously didn't come across that way. Apologies.
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With those prices I suspect she is still an escort virgin...

Offline leafsfan1

Meant as a joke. Obviously didn't come across that way. Apologies.

 :D that's OK - apology accepted! My company has been dishing out Blackberrys for last 15+ years. The Z30 is pretty decent. Good for receiving/downloading large technical drawings and plans on the go. NOW look who's getting all techno-anal!  :sarcastic: :lol:
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her special introductory (TOFFT) prices

"Take Out Fifties, Fivers, Tenners.." :music:

Offline FCB

Maybe she accepts payment in installments if you got good credit history.

Offline The_Don

She's hardly got any pics and in what you can see doesn't even look that great

at her current rates, I would visit (different combination of)

10 X £150 P/H W/G

12 X £120 P/H W/G (and still have change)

15 x £100 P/H W/G

18 X £80 P/H W/G (and still have change)

21 X £70 P/H W/G (and still have change)

25 x £60 P/H W/G

Poverty Alleviation

'wealth alleviation'


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