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Author Topic: Opinions on whether this one is genuine ?  (Read 1019 times)

Offline Jacob

No image matches, no PG. Pictures are probably genuine, ring rather than email as I doubt you'll get a reply.

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Offline ladyteeny

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80 per hour?  my guess'd be fake personally.

Offline mattylondon

80 per hour?  my guess'd be fake personally.
Seems too good to be true, but there's only one way of finding out!  ;)

Offline adindas

Well, I have met reasonable number of WGs in this category for £70 an hour or even less.

Also if you search AW using price search limit of £70 you will find there are hundreds of them just in London alone.

So IMHO £80 per hour not a good reason to think  "too good to be true "....
Anyway it is more than 10x higher than stacking, shelving items in Tesco ....

80 per hour?  my guess'd be fake personally.

Offline mattylondon

anyone tried yet ?
I may try a quickie later this week, so we'll soon see if she's genuine. Looks too good to be true, to be honest? And no contact number? :unknown:
I'll post an FR on here if anything comes of it.  ;)
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Offline Jacob

I should point out that she is currently "Erotic Content Provider" only. May be on 'holiday', if so the fact she's bothered to change it may be a good sign. I would if in the area. Yum.  :P

Offline hunnieme

She seems to switch to erotic content provider at weekends, weekdays she has her number displayed and the green light on  ;)

Online Steve2


So many fakes, but would love this one to be genuine !

I'd say genuine, almost 100%. There are several similar in same general area

Offline hunnieme

She's genuine. Very hot.....but. Doesn't do CIM, has a very dingy flat and clearly doesn't enjoy her job. I paid for an hour and left after 30 minutes, in which time she smiled exactly once (and no it wasn't when I said I was going !) She seemed very stressed when I arrived so it may have just been an off day, I don't know. Apart from lack of CIM she did everything else requested without question (including DFK) but I like a WG to at least pretend she's enjoying it. Yes it was the girl in the photos but not sure I can recommend. Good for a quickie I guess.

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