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Author Topic: Clare BBW - tantric massage (Bromley)  (Read 3803 times)

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This is a historic review as I was thinking about becoming a more active member of this community and thought I should give something back! I Have seen Clare twice, both times for her tantric massage service.

Communications: 9/10

Clare is excellent to communicate with, prompt replies on AW and responds to texts with directions etc to find her place, plus is very friendly and helpful when phoning.

Fee: 8/10 (expensive for not a full service)

Clare has a bunch of different options on her profile and different pricing on her personal website; I'm not normally a fan of larger ladies so I have only partaken of tantric massage. Which on both occasions has been £100 for an hours massage with a very happy ending.

Location: 10/10

Clare is based in a nice end of terraced house close to Bromley town centre, its on a quiet road which can feel a little overlooked but no-one would notice anything out of the ordinary. Once inside Clare' place is immaculately clean, fresh towels were available for a shower either before or after the meeting (though I did have to ask to use the facilities). Massage takes place in the bedroom on a lovely four poster bed, freshly laundered sheets, no grotty-multi-use towel to lie on!

Service Provider: 7/10

As stated previously I don't normally go for larger ladies, however Clare is beautiful with very pretty eyes, my guess would be size 16 with large breasts, curvy rather than fat. She is either Dutch or Danish (can't remember) with a really naughty accent. She will be some peoples cup of tea, and the score is more a reflection of my tastes rather than her beauty. She was wearing a little black negligée that emphasises her curves whilst flattering her figure, lovely! I would estimate that her age is close to that stated on her profile so around 45 is probably fair.

Services: 8/10

Wow, it feels like a very sensual massage, I would have enjoyed it as a vanilla massage, her five knuckle shuffle technique is fabulous. Clare starts with you lying face down on her bed then gives a wonderful slow massage over your entire body, blowing air on various parts at different times that lead to a true sensual experience. After what feels like an eternity (in a good way) she invited me to turn over, and she began on a brilliantly varied hand-job to finish.

Overall: 8/10

Clare is not going to be for everyone, but if your after a chatty, friendly mature lady that gives a sensational massage then you should give her a try!

1 review(s) found for clareBBW linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Massboy

Nice Review!

Does she use her whole body to massage lying on top of you sliding on both the back and front.


Offline Big Cat

Felt like something different today, mature or bigger girl and thought I'd hit the 2-in-1 jackpot when I saw this profile.

Anyway I booked her no probs, half way to hers and 30mins on the road I call to update and she tells me she's stuck in traffic and doesn't think she'll be back in time. What time will you be back, I ask. She says she has no idea. Should I cancel the booking I ask? Yes I think you should. OK, bye. No apology, nothing.

What if I hadn't called her? Was she going to let me drive all the way to fucking Bromley? 

She was giggling/talking to someone else while on phone with me so I don't even think she was stuck in traffic at all, I think she was with a punter/boyfriend. I won't go to the effort of writing her a Negative but at least in my experience today, she's inconsiderate and unreliable.
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Offline jsparky

I met her more than two year ago, for a tantric massage, but it's more like an ordinary massage. Her comm. was good and her incall place was in a residential area  - nice & pleasant, and she deliver the service and no short change on time. Overall, its positive but not a memorable experience.

I think she does offer full service in her other AW profiles, for whoever interested see link below:

 https://www.adultwork.com/608223 or https://www.adultwork.com/clareBBW

1 review(s) found for clareBBW linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

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