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Author Topic: pms to others members  (Read 1535 times)

Offline comaminion

sorry for not replying - I did not want anal with you  :D :lol:

Fine, suit yourself  :mad:
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Offline davidgood

I try to answer all my PMs, even from those who are new to the site or those who do not seem to post reviews.But with limited access and other things to do it may take me a day or two to do.

However, as someone else has mentioned, sometimes they are more of a statement than a question and it begs the question of do they need or expect a reply.



I don't get many PMs but so far have always replied, sometimes put quite a lot of effort in and then feel pissed off that they don't bother to say thanks  :mad:

Offline azrael

Does any body else get pissed of when you send a polite
Pm to another member and they just totally ignore it

I've not come across this situation before, as most pm's are replied by my self or when i've asked a question to fellow punters. Two of my regulars that i now see are down to guys such as your selves recomending w.g's. So it it would be condidered rude and discourteous if i didnt do the same  :drinks:

Offline markw

If you read the forum but don't log in, you don't know that you've received a PM. I mostly read without logging in, and recently had a PM which I didn't know about for over 3 weeks. I replied immediately once I found it.

Similarly I sent a PM recently and haven't had a reply. I assume the recipient doesn't log in very often.
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