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Author Topic: HOT SEXY LISA - Stevenage  (Read 1094 times)

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This profile and various discussions on UKP have got me totally confused as to the identity of "LISA".... Sorry if this is then a wordy one!

           https://www.adultwork.com/2838957 or https://www.adultwork.com/HOT+SEXY+LISA

I first spotted the girl who I believed to be this Lisa in Nov 2014 under a profile name of Silvia [the photos were so stunning I kept a couple]. She recently visited Stevenage with a profile "X_HOT LISA_X" [recognised one of the pics] however, I was not around and missed her. So when this latest profile popped up on 15th June stating she would be in the Stevenage centre hotel from 17th - 19th June I shot off an AW email requesting a meet. I paid for the Private Gallery to check that the WG was the one I though since only one of the five pics on the profile was the one I knew as "Silvia" - photos in the PG were similar to those from November. It was my wish to speeak with her, so over the next three days I made 3 calls to the phone no. on the profile (each one through to message) and followed up with a text message, a further AW email (neither read) and finally an AW Booking request and a last call. Having decided this was not going to happen, I looked elsewhere (without success!). At 11am I received a text message saying available at 1:30pm. I was now thinking B&S but decided to carry on - made a copy of one of the "good photos" and went to the meeting...

So... upto this point I did not know if this was Lisa, Silvia or Natalie (from another UKP post), definately two different girls in the photos and the communications were absolute crap.

However, I was met at the room door by a girl in black gown over blue bra & panties - I had no doubt that this was the girl I had spotted as "Silvia" - Just a little thinner and looking a little tired. I asked her name and she replied "Lisa" to which I said "Is it not Natalie". She then said "Natalie is a Russian name, I am Polish!"... so just one more thing not fitting!

Anyway, down to the review: With the paperwork out of the way and a couple of light kisses / cuddle she had her hand on my little fellah and working him, as clothes came off she was really working with hand and OWO [too quick for me]. So slowed it down with a little RO... The kissing was light [no FK] and kissing neck/ears was a noner! I continued work on the clit and slid the finger in for more stimulation nto which she said "What you doing, are you a Doctor!!" then "This is my work not yours!" Ah well... so after some more OWO and bashing on came the Mac. Quite an energetic session in a few positions which she started to enjoy and relax a little. Unfortunatly, on a withdrawal for another position change the Rubber came off and she had a mild panic rushing to the shower for a good douching and then the session was over!

On reflection, this time I would have felt happier not having read the UKP reviews, the sex was good but I dio enjoy the foreplay and the after sex. The girl was the one in the chair not the "selfies" one [facial structure different] and the one I had hoped to see. However, she had lost quite a bit of fullness probably from a recent illness - she said she was 26 but looked and felt older and my one hour was reduced to 45 mins because she had a very busy schedule!

I could quitre easily have made this a NEGATIVE but on the basis that I would like to see her again when she is not rushed I plumbed for NEUTRAL.. It would appear that she was only in Stevenage on the 18th since her profile showed Heathrow on 19th  :cry:

8 review(s) found for HOT SEXY LISA linked to in above post (4 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Hertsgent

Thanks Sumertime - i rechecked her profile, and while when I saw her a few weeks ago (because I reviewed her too) one of her photos was definitely her (even down to same outfit), now none of the photos I think are the girl I saw - so there may be shared profiling going on as you implied.

Think she was back to back when I visited too, but I wasn't rushed at all

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