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Author Topic: Koa32 – Naughty girl with deceiving looks  (Read 1280 times)

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Offline marty_mcfly


Koa was on my hot list. In fact, very high on it, not least due to the infamous Miss KDD recommending her; as well as for a couple of explicit reviews that show how naughty this girl can be.

My plans to punt with Koa had coincided with her studies, so she was unavailable until summer of this year. However, I learnt that Koa was occasionally seeing some regular clients, so I thought I might try my luck, even though I had never seen her before.

Previously Koa only did outcalls but recently she had added occasional incalls to her AW profile; and this made me want to see her ASAP.

After a very frustrating time in getting Koa to reply to me, she finally sent me an AW message and provided me with her phone number. Koa’s communications until that point were almost non-existent, but to be fair on her, she was very busy with her post-graduate studies and she made this clear on her AW profile. Once I got Koa's phone number, then communication via text messages was much more smoother.

Anyway, three weekends ago, Koa agreed to see me for a one hour incall at a London hotel.

Therefore, I now present my review of Koa, hereunder as follows:


A clean and comfortable hotel in a part of London.

Very comfortable room with a very equally comfy double bed.

Nice, easy to operate shower, but with only one clean towel left, which I grabbed!

Score: 8/10


As mentioned above, this was almost non-existent until much later, but for somewhat justifiable reasons.

Score: 5/10

Appearance / Physical aspects:

Koa is a tall slim girl with short blonde hair. Facially, my UKP colleague Quesadilla said that Koa reminded him of an actress called Leelee Sobieski; and I agree with him but thought Koa was prettier than the actress; and that means overall pretty.

Please see this thread for the actress’ photo:


Score: 7/10

Koa is a lovely friendly girl. She knows how to talk, how to make a punter feel comfortable and she is full of laughs too.

Score: 8/10


GFE but with a very kinky side.

Score: 9/10


When I first walked into the room with Koa hiding behind the door, my impressions were that she cannot be the dirty, naughty girl that was reviewed on UKP. Yes, Koa has a very innocent look to her.

Actually I was greeted by two creatures. First by Koa and then by her lovely cute little dog who seemed very happy to see me.

At first I was a bit sceptical as to whether the dog would become an interfering distraction, especially if I was to penetrate Koa in the doggy position! Even if the dog didn’t interfere with the action, the thought of a third “person” watching me perform, would make me feel a bit unsecure as well as invading my privacy. My fears were soon calmed, as the lovely cute dog went away and sat on the sofa, as if to tell me to enjoy my job on own.

In fact, when I came out of the shower, the dog was fast asleep. So it seems that the dog is well trained in this regard.

Koa was a little shy in the beginning. Her kissing was somewhat shallow, and I thought there was a lack of chemistry somewhere. Once I ventured a few inches below her mouth and to her small but delightful breasts, this is where Koa sprung to life. These lovely small erogenous body parts were different from each other, as one was pierced and the other wasn’t. I was expecting both to be pierced but the lack of piercing on one of them added variety.

Koa was quite sensitive on the pierced one. It seemed that this was her second clitoris.

I alternated whilst nibbling away at each of them before moving back up to kiss Koa. This time the kissing became very passionate and messy, just the way I like it.

Then it was oral both ways, and very enjoyable too. Koa is very good at deep throating and this also turns her on.

Back again to passionate kissing, and this time Koa demanded that she suck my tongue. How could I refuse?

Now this was a horny, raunchy Koa, far different to the one that was hiding behind the door when she opened it for me.

It was then time for the main event. As I was close whilst in misssionary, I asked Koa where she wanted me to finish, and without hesitation, she said “In my mouth, and I want to swallow it all because I love swallowing”. Wow, such language ensured that I was about to erupt, so coitus interruptus it was and off came the mac very quickly and it was me half jerking off, and half inside Koa’s mouth being sucked whilst I unloaded my protein. It was all gone. Not a drop wasted!

Time to clean up again post-punt, and say goodbye to Koa.

Up to this point, the cute little dog was fast asleep, but after the deed was done and I was getting dressed again, the dog woke up and came to me to say goodbye.

In the end, I left a very satisfied punter.

Score: 9/10


A quality punt with a very naughty girl with deceiving looks.
Banning reason: Unstable

16 review(s) found for Koa32 linked to in above post (16 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)


Nice review - can you confirm cost for the in call please?

Offline marty_mcfly

Nice review - can you confirm cost for the in call please?

It was £150 for the hour.
Banning reason: Unstable

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