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Author Topic: Massive tits in Glasgow?  (Read 1733 times)

Hey guys,  as you know,  I like the older ladies.  I snagged this gorgeous fifty year old off tinder recently and she had some massive low hanging boobs. This was awesome and it's got me hankering after some more of the same.  Big boobs,  big fake books,  massive low hangers.....  I want to try it all.  Obviously I know my way around adult work,  but has anyone had any experience and would like to share or recommend?  Thanks in advice perverts!

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I would recommend Lisa https://www.adultwork.com/1245961 or https://www.adultwork.com/sooo+busty, ive seen her a good few times out in Dennistoun, I would say early to mid forties, nice woman and the sex is maybe 8/10, havent been since Christmas but ill look her up soon!

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She has had those same pics for the last 4/5 years on her profile ...I can't imagine they are accurate any more?

My thoughts exactly.  And she really sounded disinterested on the phone.  That always puts me off.  If a girl isn't willing to feign interests at the first point of contact,  she's hardly gonna be guns ho during the meet.  In my experience anyway.  Having said that,  I once fucked a bigger mature in Glasgow (bustyblonde see prev review)  and she was 48, quote uncomfortable about my young age,  but went for it anyway.  She lay there biting her lip as I pumped her silly.  She was extremely awkward about my age and it made it all the more fun.  Don't get me wrong,  I don't want to fucked women who font want or like it,  but that was certainly fun.  Didn't stop her accepting a repeat booking,  and she has massive boobs.  Just looking for some more of the same!


I saw this girl in Edinburgh last week...... She has an amazing massive heavy pair of natural boobs......did a great tit wank and really loves her nipples being sucked......very clean girl...... A bit bigger than I normally go for but her boobs are well worth ....a nice looking girl and nice french kissing ....

I think she is in Glasgow till Tuesday.....

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Wow taz,  great shout she looks great,  second pic in particular.  How is her face,  is she pretty?

Wow taz,  great shout she looks great,  second pic in particular.  How is her face,  is she pretty?
Ignore me. You already answered that.

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