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Author Topic: Confirmed Escorts; Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Eastern European beauty Queens?  (Read 894 times)

Hi guys, I'm a sucker for a drop dead gorgeous foreign girl with a nice ass and tight pussy ( aren't we all? ). Now usually you can take pot luck and get one from the purple website that work from the campanile in Doncaster like I have before, and genuinely I have had some stunning beauty Queens when I have dropped on lucky. But it seems that now almost every type of girl in the category works from this one hotel and I don't feel safe or comfortable there  anymore.

In the past though I have had these girls in other hotels like the purple one on white rose way and also from private houses on Thorne Road and also in Hyde Park which where spot on, so just wondering... Any of you spendid chaps got any inside information on a hidden diamond that doesn't actually work from that God forsaken hotel campanile?

Only other one I have tried so far is 69 honeypot near the lakeside which was good. Wanting more like this though?



If u can get over to Cheshire, try and see Kim, she really is a gem, her owo was the best I've received in years, She is an eastern european lady with limited English,but the service and naughtiness more than makes up for that,spent a wonderful four hours in her company and cannot recommend Kimberley enough 10/10


Field report to follow


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