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Author Topic: Paranoid about STD's? Safest Positon . . Missionary?  (Read 1724 times)

Condoms are not fail proof.  And even with a good quality condom, you can still catch an STD.  Next time you wear a rubber, look how much exposed skin there is around the base of your cock, and of course, bollocks.  Skin to skin infections like Herpes and Warts can easily be passed to these areas from the WG.....

A rubber will protect you from : Chlamydia , Gonnoreah, HIV, Hepatitis , HTLV, Syphilis , Trichomonas , Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma Genitalium  and NSU.

A rubber WONT protect you fully from : Herpes, HPV/Genital Warts, Molluscum contagiosum , crabs, scabies.  They wont protect you where the condom is not covering exposed skin, which in turn will come into contact with the genital region.

Cheers Jawill, I think you understood my point. I know scientist haven't done this sort of testing, but logically certain positions will surely be less risky as will certain practices. Vanilla mish, not doing too deep and bumping uglies has to be less risky than RO and cowgirl

I was laughing at the Kebab shop analogy earlier in the thread.  :lol:

I think you'll find your normal and abnormal Virus and Bacteria don't quite see it like that!, suggest you read up a bit on Biology;!.

Seriously, some people need to take up another hobby, like: collecting old milk bottles or train spotting. WTF?   :rolleyes:

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