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Author Topic: Sarah-Jane of Allure  (Read 2414 times)

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Offline Beerhunter


Just seen this little gem today and I wonder why Ive never seen her till now. The first impression you get is this girl is class. Quite a big cut above the rest tbh. Long silky black hair, lightly tanned, smooth, soft skin, beautifull face and body to match. Not to mention a brain.
The link above says she's 38, true or not she looks more like 30  :thumbsup:

She treats you on arriving warmly like youve known each other for ages. I was expecting my dinner to be in the oven and the bath run, with my slippers outside the door.

She is a classy girl, and my thing is pretty basic, but you do get the underlying impression theres a seriously wicked side there just waiting for you to ask for it   :diablo:

Only downer is her house is in some old durham county pit village, but not for long, shes moving to Washington next week :cool:

So, if you like class while not remortgaging the house, this ones for you.  :thumbsup:
Banning reason: Threats of violence

Totally agree though I love her little house where it is.


Not anymore, that little house went out of business last night, bloody shame as it was 5 mins from me. Washington here I come I suppose.

The link above says she's 38, true or not she looks more like 30  :thumbsup:

This is in now way meant to be detrimental to Sarah-Jane and she is an attractive woman but I would personally say her looks fit her age on allure.

Out of curiosity SA  have you met Sarah Jane ?

In my opinion id say she looked somewhere between 38-42.

Offline Houdini

In my opinion id say she looked somewhere between 38-42.
I think you are probably right in your estimation of her age but does it really matter? She's a good looking women that's for sure. I had the pleasure of an outcall with her recently. I saw her arrive and as I saw her walk to the entrance was thinking that she is indeed an attractive and classy women.
I was treated to the usual delights with SJ. She is fun and up for most things I suggest.
Services included owo, rimming, doggie, anal in missionary and generally a good horny time was had finishing with her asking very nicely for a facial as she knelt at my feet looking up at me mouth open like a right little porn star. I couldn't refuse such a request.

Out of curiosity SA  have you met Sarah Jane ?

Yes I have. Like I say I am no way saying anything to try and put her down as she was attractive. I'm just saying I would say they have put her age down correctly. And no it doesn't matter. I was mearly saying it as if you want to book someone who looks 30 I would suggest booking a 30yo. She was a very pleasant lady and it was one of my better recent punts.

In my opinion id say she looked somewhere between 38-42.

Dont get me wrong about me being homest about her age. Shes a deffo tasty looking woman though.

Offline chesterlad

Any idea where SJ will be in Washington? As a MILF fan she's on my list and Washington is quite handy for me.
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (bjdude, chesterlad)

I understand that it is easily accessible from the A1 the agency will obviously be able to give you better details.

Offline dino1990

will be seeing her this week. Washington is a good location as the traffic flows and no parking restrictions. Can't wait.

Offline Falsers57

I have seen her in Washington very quiet & easy parking she is gorgeous
Banning reason: Tout

Is the parking really close. I Av walking problems ya see so no more than a 10 metre walk really also is it an ok area, like I wont find I've got four wheels made of bricks

Offline Destootoo

Area is fine

When you pull in to car park , park on your immediate right as that one is her block

Cheers I ain't got a booking yet like

SJ is one of the hardest bookings to get,lost count of times I tried to get a booking and she was booked for the week, that led to some less than stellar meets when my little head ruled.

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