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Author Topic: Is there a decent Parlour/Brothel in East London?  (Read 3035 times)

Hi everyone,

Is there a decent parlour/brothel in the Ilford/Dagenham/Barking/Romford/West Ham area? One that either provides a line up or preferably introduces you to the available girls one at a time and then you choose.

A few years ago there was one I liked going to in Barking - Sensations but that closed down. Had a nice selection of EE and black girls and £50 half hour and was only 10 minutes walk from where I used to work.


Offline saiyens22

I would like to hear about a place like this too.


There is a place like this, mostly EE girls, in Stratford

It's an OK setup but fairly overpriced considering the restricted nature of the services

Offline LL

Ok we're intrigued. Tell us more? ;)

If u search this forum u will see that I have a few times said where there are such places in Dagenham/Romford

Offline saiyens22

If u search this forum u will see that I have a few times said where there are such places in Dagenham/Romford

You seem to be quite a fan of these places  :D  as you mention them a lot in other threads ! But could you mention the name or the way to get in and also if we can find review of these places?

Many thanks :D

Hi Ladiesman, I did see your posts when I searched the forum before starting this new topic, however they were over a year old, so considered them to be interesting but probably out of date, if the information is still current please let me know.

Ok we're intrigued. Tell us more? ;)

I cant remember the name of the place but its the same premises that used to be known as 'Stratford The Grove Sauna', opposite a big supermarket

Its a similar setup to before except now its mostly EE girls who work there, and the few times i've been there I didnt see any Thai girls at all, which was a big disappointment for me, being that Thai girls are my thing

You pay an entrance fee (£10-£15 ?...cant remember) and then take your pick of a large selection of girls

Full sex is on offer (protected) but there is an odd policy in operation whereby there is no kissing at all, and by that I mean no kissing AT ALL on any part of your body, apart from covered oral sex which is allowed

Its overpriced for whats on offer, I seem to remember spending about £100 in total for 45 minutes of oral and sex

The main draws of this place are that its open until the early hours, some of the girls are quite attractive, most seem to be 20something to 30something and you get to choose on the spot from an attractive lineup

Worth it if youre in that area and horny in the early hours

Other than that I personally wouldnt make an effort to go back, more of a last resort option
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I like old skool newsagent window Brothels.
There used to be my favourite one behind st jamess street walthamstow and after calling them I'd go in, lead into a bedroom and 3 girls would introduce themselves - it was fantastic as it was like pot luck, sometimes there'd be some very nice ones, and some of the best WG action ive ever had had been there - some girls tended to be new others very experienced, with 2 of them I almost hit of a relationship - one I liked a lot, and if she wasnt a hooker I'd have been serious about her.
Whispers Massage it used to be caleld- lost the number and havent the balls to ring and see if it's still a knocking shop.

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