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Author Topic: Possible EE alert, could be bait and switch - Valerie  (Read 267 times)

Offline Aspen

I was interested in this one because I travel past Dartford frequently. Seemed good for a reasonable price and the kind of services that I was interested in. But the postcode she gave me DA2 6QN is in the middle of an industrial estate! She also claims to be German but she speaks so softly on the phone as to be almost inaudible (maybe a pimp in the background) and her accent doesn't sound at all German. Dare I say more like Romanian. There's one bad feedback which I ignored because it's obviously vindictive and four good ones which were encouraging, but in hindsight too gushing. I'm now tending to believe the bad one which also claims she is EE. She doesn't respond to a simple question by text - in response to a text from her. I reckon it could be a bait and switch. I've been caught out by these desperados before, so be careful !!!

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