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Author Topic: ladychannel - Leicester  (Read 2500 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/1530629 or https://www.adultwork.com/ladychannel
Looking at Channels Profile I was comfortable that this was going to be a good punt, but you never know as there are no reviews of her on UKP but there are 48 feedbacks on AW
I read her profile and established she was in Syston, this is to the North of the City and not a million miles away from me, she starts work at 10:00am and I was hoping for an early morning meeting before work, she readily agreed a meet via text and emails for 8:30am which suited me down to the ground.  I phoned her to confirm and she sounded very nice and we had a nice chat about the meeting.
Anyway I confirmed via text at 8:00 and headed out to Syston and parked up in a free car park on the main street close to Wilkos.  I let her know I was here and she asked me to ring and gave me the location and house number, this was easy to find and I walked in and was greeted by a Elegantly dressed Lady around 45 years old with Blond hair, pretty  and what looked like a fit body, paperwork out of the way we proceeded to the bedroom and kissed passionately, having just got out of the shower I refused the offer to freshen up and we both undressed and got onto the bed.  She seems genuinely pleased to see me and straddled my chest and kissed me, I asked for some tongue action which came mu way... DieHard, this was not full deep tongue action but very pleasant.  :P
Channel stroked my chest and tweaked my nipple...how did she know... my cock stiffened with this tweaking of my nipple and she moved backwards and proceeded to lick and suck my cock and balls very expertly, not to deep but deep enough, I asked her to go deeper, and bless her she tried but did not quite mange it...  :D
After some more oral on me it thought it is time to see what I can do for the lady, she insisted I open her legs wide, and I exposed a delightful looking shaven pussy, licking and biting on her clit, she responded, I eased a finger into her amazing tight pussy which was very wet by now and accompanied another finger into her tight ass.  This had the desired effect and Channel  started to writhe about on the bed and push against my fingers, I started to push my finger deeper and harder and channel rubbed her clit and achieved a quite but satisfying orgasm, she complimented me on my oral skills which I received graciously.  She asked me if I wanted to use a vibrator on her, do I....  I asked her to get on all fours I eased it into her pussy and rimmed her ass for her this continued for 5 mins  with be slowly pushing the vibrator into her pussy as I pushed a finger in her ass she was responding well to this.  Back to my cock and more ball and cock sucking and licking, this was a very relaxed punt with a very polite and gracious lady, I was enjoying it tremendously she hit a spot that I did not know I had whilst stroking her nails down my back as she sucked on my throbbing cock, I shuddered violently each time she hit the spot.  I needs to stop her, as I wanted to fuck.... doggy at the end of the bed on with the rubber and I eased my cock into her tight pussy, as I started to fuck here I eased a finger into her ass and continued in this mode for a couple of minutes, before moving to anal  :yahoo: I eased my cock into her and asked if she was ok, Yes I am ok she replied.  This was good very good, as I alternated from slow deep strokes to full speed powerful thrusts, she confirmed she was ok and after what seemed like 10 minutes of good ass fucking I came deep in her ass... Off with the condom I collapsed onto the bed to catch my breath.
Channel seemed very pleased with our efforts, we chatted a while and it was time to clean up dress and head off to work with a big smile on my face

Very fit Lady
Good Oral technique
Good Communicator
Nice pussy
Good pussy Fuck
Excellent Anal
Good Safe Location
£110 for the hour with Anal inc (at her discretion)

She only knocked 3 years off my real age.......

Would I go back...you bet I would

6 review(s) found for ladychannel linked to in above post (6 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline RedKettle

Thanks for this  :hi:  It is much appreciated as I have had this one on my HL for ages but she never quite got into the "go see" list, partly as no review on here. Have now bumped her up the lists.  :drinks:

Offline CoolTiger

Great report Raddy. Good to see you unearth another East Mids English gem on here, who was previoulsy un-reported on.

No doubt she will be added to many East Mids Hot Lists.
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you are very welcome, precisely my predicament but I thought she was worth the risk, and she was... very much so
Nice relaxed punt with sensual oral, with the bonus of Anal if she is feeling up to it.



Great report Raddy. Good to see you unearth another East Mids English gem on here, who was previoulsy un-reported on.

No doubt she will be added to many East Mids Hot Lists.
Thanks CT, that is what I told the Lady...she really is very elegant and sexy (and British)


Hi, rather than write a new review I thought I would add to this one, as I visited Channel again this morning.
The aim of this post is to reassure EM punters that we have a more mature lady who is very sensual, pretty, fit and in my opinion very good value at £110 inc. Anal (at her discretion) and she is British

We met early as I wanted to see her before going onto work.
Greeted with a sexy kiss, paper work sorted and undressed ready for action, we moved onto an uncovered soft and gentle blow job with ball sucking and licking, I could have stayed like that for the 1 hour,  Channel really seems to love performing oral, although a down side is no CIM or facial, but not an issue for me.  She went deep or as deep as she could and allowed me to control the depth with a bit of gently pushing on the back of her head.  :D  I moved to oral and some finger work her and playing with her swollen clit, using a variety of 1, 2 and 3 fingers in eased them in gently and deep., this seemed to get a better response than harder thrusts.  Channel used a fairly large vibrator on her clit and after a good few minutes finished herself off by easing it into her very wet pussy, I think she controlled the volume of her orgasm as there are people above her place.  During the play I eased a finger into her ass, and  she said leave that for later...music to my ears.  Back to oral on me, my precum was not an issue for Channel, as she devoured my cock, moving her round to the 69 position I eased my tongue deep into her pussy and then her ass, she seemed to enjoy this as I continued for 5 mins or so.. Onto her back and legs wide apart I eased fingers into her again, managing to get 4 in and deep, no complaints from her, the session was very very relaxed and sensual, which is very different to my normal style.  Now for her ass, I eased a finger deep inside and finger fucked her for a while and tried my luck with 2, again no complaints we lay there talking and kissing with two of my fingers deep in her ass and a couple in her pussy... very nice  (and polite)... She asked if we could fuck now, on with the rubber and in doggy position, I asked if she would ease the vibrator into her pussy when I moved to anal she agreed.  I fucked her gently as she played with her clit with her fingers and then the vibrator, after a while she aske be to fuck her ass( I forgot, I did ask her to ask me) I readily agreed and eased my throbbing cock into her ass and fucked her softly, then harder and deeper for a while, Channel then eased the vibrator into her pussy,  :yahoo: this was a really nice feeling and again was done in a very relaxed sensual (Yes Fluffy) manner, this continued for another 5 minutes until I was getting out of breath and knackered.  Condom off, channel proceeded to perform oral on me almost to completion, being a gentleman I finished myself off whilst she sucked and licked my balls.

The whole meeting was very relaxed and a good start to a very busy day (except for the 20 minutes it has taken to write this post)  I will visit her again , she seems to really enjoy my company and she is an exception fuck and good company. And she is very local to my home and workplace which is a bonus as most of the girls I see are the other side of town to me and it is difficult to get quick visits organised.

Anyway, back to work, enjoy if you manage to visit her


Offline HR123

Lady Channel, what can be said about this beautiful woman which hasn't already been said. She is an absolute treat! Discreet location, excellent fuck and not too expensive either. Stunning MILF looking woman. Absolutely enjoyed every minute with this woman. Good conversation, good massage and went back to work feeling satisfied. She's amazing!
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