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Author Topic: Vivastreet  (Read 1091 times)

How do you know if the girl advertised on the site is authentic of near enough to being real on vivastreet? because Iv seen a few nice looking girls on the site but I don't want to book them just in case I get some fool knocking on the door or answering the door. because its not like adultwork where its much easier to know if a girl is real or not or close enough to being real.

for example this girl


Can anyone help me or give me any tips please? Thank you :lol:

Offline saiyens22


You could try a inverse search in google image or in tin eye! If it is a fake the picture will appear on a lot of ad and all of them will be different!

Although in my opinion for that particular ad you don't need this tool as for me It has scam written everywhere on it!

But that's just me.

All the best

Vivastreet is rubbish.
tried 2 times.
2 times bait and switch.

was welcomed by a girl with ugly face and no boobs claiming to be this one :


My experience is the same as doppelwalk... Unfortunately chances of success seem to be very low... and further lower as you move away from london... It's like searching for a needle in a haystack

I use vivastreet and hallolondon when I'm searching for latin women and have found both of these good never ever had a bait and switch and hope it does not change. The only issue is sometimes girls look slightly different but not dramatically

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