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Author Topic: Sexybling-Nottingham  (Read 1759 times)

2 review(s) for SexyBling (1 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline spidey75

Arrived at house and had a shower and then on to bed for a massage, back first, then I turned over for my front "massage" which led to OWO and RO. Please bear in mind Bling does not do CIM. We had protected penetration with her on top then with me on top of her. I filled the bag inside her then relaxed whilst she was slowly wanking me off. Then to finish she let me come on her tits. Bling is very friendly and I felt completely at ease whilst I was there. She was quite happy for me to chat with her and if a punter hadn't rung then I got the feeling she would be quite happy talking for a bit. No clock watching, and makes you feel very relaxed. Any questions let me know but Bling is a good punt for 60 for an hr.

Offline spidey75

Yes she's on Adultwork as Sexybling. I can't do the thread though as on mobile.

Offline yorkshire123

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2 review(s) found for SexyBling linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Hmm... her rates look agreeable, but there's no way on Gods earth that she's 38.

Offline hexohm

Did she answer the phone during your hour?  If so that would be a definite no no for me.

I was tempted a while back but read some ropey reports about her so never bothered.

I think she has been knocking around for years. I went to see her back in 2008, back then she also had a website (not sure if she still does).

iI was getting late in the evening and I needed release, so I went to her and I think it was £50 for the hour. Nice enough person, didn't really seem to be on the same planet (not high or anything, just a bit wacky) but still nice enough. No bed as such (although she had one in her pictures at the time) it was just a mattress on the floor with a sheet on it. Only opted for oral, a lot of it was clear acting, the most unconvincing performance ever. I think that had to finish the job myself. Upon leaving I actually wished I had just stayed at home.

Just to iterate again, she is a nice person, but there is no way I would return.

Oh yes, I believe she was also 38 back then!  :wacko:

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Hmm... her rates look agreeable, but there's no way on Gods earth that she's 38.

I would go along with that - I was seeing her in 1997 when living in Nottingham and she wasn't bad looking in them days, although it looks like a few years, booze and the old Colombian marching powder has taken its toll on her looks. I reckon she was about 32 when I was fucking her back then. She looks like a right cunt now though.

Offline Iloveoral

She used to double up as a duo with red hot candy.... I was tempted a while back but opted for a hour with just candy, I'd guess bling is at least 50 now

I saw her years back & I would agree with the other posters, she's late 40's easy and no oil painting...
She is however very friendly, big tits and very accommodating.

Oh and mad as a box of frogs  :wackogirl:

She looks like a right cunt now though.

 :lol: That made me choke on my nuts.

Offline Turtle Z

Fuck me, look at this image…  https://www.adultwork.com/dlgViewGImage.asp?Image=2800720.jpg&SN=11&Description=FARMERS+GATE+SHOT+NAWTY+APRIL+2012

According to her timelines she was 35 when this was taken 3 years ago!   :scare:

Not cheap at any price IMHO!

Offline RedKettle

she seems to respond to any RB in a 50 mile radius and at bargain prices - but I still declined.

I have absolutely no idea what I would have to consume to guarantee a hard on in her presence.

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