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Author Topic: Laura Super Star - Gatwick  (Read 1557 times)

19 review(s) for Laura Super Star  (11 positive, 3 neutral, 5 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Zowieberg


I contacted Laura the day before to make a booking.  Took me a few goes throughout the day to get an answer but when I spoke to her she was polite and concise.  We made the arrangements and naturally I was asked to confirm the following day.  I did this by text and received the name and address of the hotel she was using that day.
About 20 minutes before the scheduled time I received a text to say she was running 15 minutes late and then when I arrived at the newly appointed 15 minutes late, another text to say 5 minutes please.  I went to the bar as I felt rather subconsciously exposed but I think I was just paranoid... maybe :)
Got the room number 10 minutes later and took a stroll up there.

Arrival and First Impressions:
Laura hid behind the door as she opened it and then stepped straight forward and snogged me without a word.  I hardly had time to appraise her and take in just how stunning she is.  I managed to prise myself away for a second to mumble I needed a shower and she directed me into it and I swear I've never had such a fast, thorough shower!

The Punt:
I emerged from the shower, partially dressed; I'm not sure on the etiquette for emerging from the shower in this instance.  Yes I intend to fuck her but do I stroll out balls out and just go for it... didn't seem right to me but hey, maybe that's just me.
Laura was wearing a tight fitting red dress (as in her gallery) and she really looks amazing but again I did not have time to take in her beauty as she was straight back in for more snogging before dropping to her knees to give me some very enjoyable OWO.

I'm not quite clear how we both became naked but there we were on the bed.  More OWO, some RO, 69 then on with the mac and some cowgirl and then Mish where I popped.

We had a bit of a chat and then she gave me a relaxing massage.  Now, I'm not normally one to take a massage but I've had a busy week and actually I found it really relaxing.

Round two is a bit of a haze but there was more Cowgirl, doggy and then I came on her tits.

Laura is keen to ensure you have a good time and kisses her way through the session; I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her.

I know she's been well reviewed here before (and thanks to those that have reviewed her!), I can only add that I also highly recommend her.

19 review(s) found for Laura Super Star  linked to in above post (11 positive, 3 neutral, 5 negative)

Offline loopy

I saw her a little while ago I think in a hotel in Gatwick, which meant before I forget to say, an extra tenner or so for parking!

Anyhow, whilst service was good just want to temper the positives a little to say she isn't as lithe young and petite looking as the pictures may suggest. Good service but I wouldn't partake again.

Offline vt

No denying her full-on snogging, energetic approach and fairly tidy body, but yes those pics are airbrushed and her facial features are a bit heavy.

Offline cheek

Saw her a long time ago before I became a member on this forum.

I had the same 'running late' text but only 5 minutes prior to the meet, and then 10 minutes later I saw someone hastily walking past me towards the road she was located, and when I got the call that she was ready, it was the same power-walker! Other than that, had a very enjoyable time, seems like the snog at the beginning is her standard thing!

Offline CheeseYa

I punted with Laura back in 2011 when she was working at the parlours in Milton Keynes and (like vt plus loopy) found her to be a bit of a plain Jane in the flesh but had hoped to visit her again (especially as part of a 2girl) on account of her sensation level of service.

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