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Author Topic: Sweet19Amanda - London / great portland street tube  (Read 1413 times)

10 review(s) for Sweet19Amanda (6 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


https://www.adultwork.com/2397892 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sweet19Amanda

30mins - £80

My recent history: first review for a while. stopped punting for a bit as was banging the missus again and have a girlfriend on the side who would take up the surplus requirements. However the punting bug still has me and started to miss fucking hot young strangers! The problems is I’m insatiable and have always had a tendency to get addicted to things I really like, so have been punting every week day for a few weeks now. Because of that I keep to 30mins (you can fit a lot in that time) and max £70. I have four very good regulars who I have negotiated discounts, extra time etc. For the new ones I have set a limit to £70, however on this occasion with lack of options booked this girl based on her looks – service seemed mechanical – but I can charm some girls to loosening up. Not this one.

The reason for the negative therefore is the price charged. I can get ten times better service (character, fun, sexiness, dirtiness, enjoying herself and having orgasms etc) for £60/70 / 30mins. Also French kissing is not shown as at discretion so that alone is lying about services.

The girl:

Probably looks cute for most people. Looks a bit like a rabbit to me. Great sun bed tan all over. Great legs, ass, stomach, tits – b tits and beautifully shaped and pert and nipples responded nicely to sucking. Hair is not the best dyed blonde but whatever.

Very cordial when arriving. Nice flat in tower block, buzzed in, up lift, clean and good bathroom and clean modern bedroom.

Got lying down kisses on shoulder etc, which felt wrong. Not looking for that kind of gf bollocks as it was so obviously pretend it annoyed me. I get that at home. For me gfe experience is the enthusiasm the good ones show you when you open the door and continues through the booking.  Anyway got the rest of her kit off and made my way round her body ending up at the best bit. Nice and clean, compact pussy with long labia. She just lay there like petite Giselle. Just looking up at the ceiling letting me get on with whatever I wanted to do. Beyond caring so had my snack. Flipped her over for some 69 and the bj was shit. Best bit was when she got bored and started to try and wank me off to completion. No such luck for her. If I wanted a hand job I’d just use my left hand.

On for a bit of missionary and she was trying to push me back a bit to limit full penetration. Pussy felt good though. Doggy was told to go gentle which I sort of did, great view and great ass.

Anyway it was a good release and served purpose. Made small talk about nothing in particular and left never to return.

In summary, the girl is polite and does smile, neat and tidy and clean, sweet but dull. Service served cold and mechanical. Totally devoud of any passion whatsoever. For £80 it’s a total rip off. If she was £60 I’d give her a neutral. £50 a positive as would not expect much service at that price, but not seen a decent girl at that price since petite eva which served her purpose.

10 review(s) found for Sweet19Amanda linked to in above post (6 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline LL

It's surprising how these mediocre girls stay in business, isn't it? She's not even one of the cheaper ones at £80 for 30 minutes. Thanks for this report and the others today (you've been busy!)

Thanks for the review . Another deleted from the HL. Looking pretty empty at the moment.

thank you. i do find it strange these girls manage to stay in business at their rates. there are a few i've seen who are still active. guess some people don't know there's better out there or they like the boring ones. who knows  :unknown:

Do you recall if Amanda had a line of text tattooed on her right shoulder blade? I saw a girl purporting to be "Alice" at that flat last night but not totally convinced it wasn't Amanda. Service certainly sounds like it might have been.

Offline James999

The Polish do seem to love switching the girls and swapping profiles around  :thumbsdown:

Offline The_Don

The Polish do seem to love switching the girls and swapping profiles around  :thumbsdown:

I've seen many (pimps / profile managers) play that game regardless of nationality.

This is 1 reason, why I add screen shots of photo's and profiles, when possible.


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