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Author Topic: Devine girl friend in chelmsford?  (Read 1138 times)

Anyone seen this girl - looks the ticket - if you read some of her field reports it sounds outstanding - too good to be true?

devine girl friend


field report:


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Offline dc0582

If something looks too good to be true it probably is... But she looks hot as! Only 13 feedbacks in 2 years though?

Sasha is a fine looking lady. Think Eva Mendez. BJ was good and enthusiastic but not deep. When onto the main event, At the time, I was thinking (with Sasha) on top, she was careful not to permit deep penetration.

I noticed her eye colour was different to that stated in her profile. Sasha's english was good, but I thought there a "lack" (if that's the right word) of a Spanish accent.  There's a slight accent but either I could not place it or it's a very slight spanish accent. So this could be a bait and switch or one profile that's been passed on.
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Errr, this lady is now on her third or so number in so many weeks. So this could be a shared profile...

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