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Author Topic: Horsewoman - Basildon  (Read 5173 times)

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Offline socks

Haha :lol:

No hard feelings matey, just banter :thumbsup:
Trouble is you made the offer to give me a kiss and frankly that makes you both gay and of very poor taste. I am distinctly fugly and make the aforementioned Anne Widdicombe look fuckable.

Offline carefree

I'll try anything once,  unless its Horsewoman :lol:
Banning reason: Troll

Offline James999

Yes, but she is only £70 an hour.     

After looking at her pictures she's clearly overcharging  :vomit:

Offline MasterB

Those pics make me want to wash my eyes out with soap! :vomit:
Banning reason: White-knight fluffy

I'm quite close to Basildon and have come across her profile a bunch of times. When I started punting I considered booking her as she's cheap and local, but thankfully my brain won out with the reminder she seems to be gross personified.

I ended up doing a punt with her out of horny desperation as had little money and she was cheap.

She's a nice person, friendly and chatty but the place stinks. It has that smell you'd come to expect from somewhere wall to wall with spiders. Her body is nice but yeah the weather really won its battle with her face. It's like kissing leather. Again she's a friendly chatty person but I wouldn't go again, I can still smell that place  :vomit:

Offline Andyply

Her body is nice
I'm sorry I cannot possibly agree wth you.  :thumbsdown: :timeout:

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We're do I find her number

Where do you think? Do an AW search 5 miles of SS15/16/17....and so on.. :dash:

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