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Author Topic: lovely Gabrielle (adultwork newcastle)  (Read 886 times)

Offline jarrovian

Sorry can't do links but she's on the 1st page of the Newcastle section.
Well I know I shouldn't have and I usually wouldn't  but something drew me to this girl so I bought into her private gallery. Why shouldn't I have? Well she's Romanian and now I wish I hadn't  because in my opinion she's gorgeous and I am so tempted to go for it but know I won't because I haven't the balls to risk it. Oh I wish she were british

Offline jarrovian

Haha scrap that lads done a check on here and it appears she's a scammer. Phew thank fk for this site, I wonder how many have been taken in by the ad

Offline Tiger63

Have you read her ratings.....bit of a mixed bag there :D

Offline jarrovian

Yep, but its not even her in the photos. That'll teach me to jump in before check on here

It's so frustrating. You see a really hot profile picture, read through the profile thinking this sounds fantastic and then you get to the bottom of the page and see the word "Romanian". And then it's BOLLOCKS start again.

It's a group, and some of the WGs in the group are extreme pisstakers. Read the threads on the topic. If it were just Gabrielle on her own, and it were her you would see when booking, it wouldn't be an issue to me. I don't know how it happened but she is in a group that runs things, and the fat Monster bianca/milena whatever she goes by now, and her other mate are god awful and get a kick out of scamming and do it with a smirk on their  face as they do it. Complete avoid for the whole group, and meeting any of them is very ill advised.

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