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tammygirl85  https://www.adultwork.com/2537494 or https://www.adultwork.com/tammygirl85

Day 2
Tuesday 9th June 2015
Just outside Ipswich

Communication with Tammy was very good. My second visit and again directed to a largish village outside Ipswich.
Good parking but you might want to get there a bit early so as to choose a good spot, very safe.
Rang Tammy to say i was there and told to come on in.

Door opened to be greeted by a gorgeous, bubbly blond Milf dressed as requested down to the minutest detail and a sexy kiss.
Gave Tammy my envelope and led into a comfortable studio flat,perfectly lit.

More kisses but now long sexy french kisses with her arms around my neck and running her fingers through my hair.
I put my hand up her skirt and pulling her panties to one side slipped first one then two fingers into her smooth pussy that was just moist enough.

I pushed her down on the bed ,took off her panties and went down on her.
She looked, smelt and tasted delicious as i licked, sucked and pushed my tongue right up her as far as i could. Tammy wriggled about on the end of my tongue, pushing her pussy (which was now very wet) hard on my mouth. She seemed to cum and said she did.

Blowjob for me next. Tammy positioned herself between my legs and started sucking my cock.
She kept good eye contact and has an endearing habit of going down as deep as she can and looking at you with those big round innocent eyes and winking at you.

I wanted to fuck her so on withe the condom.
I went for missionary first and this pretty blond girl looked heavenly with her skirt hitched up,stockinged legs wide open, smiling at me as i fucked her.
Then turning her over to carry on fucking her from behind until i spunked.

We relaxed on the bed and i told of my fetish for having my face licked. there is something about it that for me is so personal.
So again i had a beautiful woman covering my face with long slow wet lickes mixed with deep wet french kisses giving me the chance to drink her sweet saliva out of her mouth.

Soon hard again i went back down on her pussy and licked and sucked her as hard as i could to swallow as much of her juice as possible.

A handy mirror on the wall  had me standing in front of it withTammy Deep throating me again until i came in her mouth. Tammy dosn't swallow.

Tammy is an excellent escort who goes that extra mile to make sure you have a memorable time.

I give her 10/10   
Banning reason: Attacking and threatening another punter for daring to criticize his favorite prossie

6 review(s) found for tammygirl85 linked to in above post (5 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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