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Author Topic: Jasmine - HoD  (Read 570 times)

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Offline MB81


I booked Jasmine for half an hour at HOD 1. It is really close to Warren Street station. Just as a forewarning, I am extremely clean and hygienic at all times. I have often seen service providers give the excuse that the punter is not hygienic for not providing an advertised service.

This was a weird punt. I asked to use the restroom and less than 30 seconds later there was a knock. Jasmine kindly let me know that she was going to be in the first room on the left at the end of the corridor. Once there I saw her searching for her phone for almost 8 minutes.

She has a nice figure, fake tits, wonderful arse, but an okay face. She did not offer DFK despite it being on her profile. Then she did not want RO as she said she was tender down there. Oral was OW and just the tip for may be 20 seconds. The next thing I know I am fucking her (she is tight) and I am encouraged to come "quickly". I was done in 7 minutes.

I was done in fifteen minutes of which 8 minutes were spent searching for a phone. I felt very unwelcome. Then she offered me a massage. I figured I might as well get one. She sat on the edge of the bed and caressed me with one hand on my left side for 10 minutes. That was her definition of a massage. Of course I am not expecting something miraculous but a little bit of effort would have been nice. For example she could have massaged my right side.

She is obviously uninterested and a complete waste of time. She has the potential to be really good but that attitude is terrible.

I do not think I can recommend her to anyone.

Offline mrx007

I've always wanted to see her and she has been around for a long time. She disappeared for a while and came back to HoD but there are  a few negative reviews out there. I was pretty sure she used to be known  CIM and pretty much anything but some of her latest reviews are lacklustre so I am never going to experience her it seems.

Offline KentAde

Website says she does "all services including A-levels"..obviously like fuck she does!  :dash:

Oh dear.. Sorry to hear about such a shit punt! Cheers for the warning!  :hi:

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