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Author Topic: ALEXA SEXY GIRL - marginal positive  (Read 1248 times)

14 review(s) for ALEXA SEXY GIRL (7 positive, 2 neutral, 5 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Online Vivago

Was let down by a RB on the morning of a planned punt so played.'I feel lucky' with my HL and came up with Alexa.


Comms - Excellent. Fired off a few texts asking questions relevant to the punt. All were answered promptly and full address given.

Remuneration - 80 + 20 for CIM. Hate extras but it seems that most girls charge for them these days,

Location - On the busy Kilburn High Street above a shop so not too discrete although her flat is one of 4. Basic but serviceable room. Bathroom with shower.

Appearance -  She looks quite hot in her profile pics., The reality is, as usual, not quite so striking. If you think older, slightly less attractive sister with coarser features and a bit of a spare Michelin, you won't be too disappointed. But she is far from being fugly.

Performance - Excellent. Didn't ask for anything beyond vanilla and she provided vanilla with a sprinkle on top.


Pleasant, friendly nature
Good OWO, quite deep with lots of eye contact and CIM with discrete spit into tissue.
Tried valiantly with mouth and hand to elicit a second coming and would have been successful but sadly she didn't turn me on enough and we ran out of time.


Rather over enthusiastic with the dreaded wet wipes despite me being fresh out the shower.
Flat is a bit tacky and none too discrete. Area is shite as well and not somewhere I'd want to be late at night.


Her profile pics are quite old and maybe could do with an update.
Only light kissing and no digital penetration allowed.

Would I return. Not really but I enjoyed the punt and that is why it's a marginal positive and so wouldn't want to put anyone off from visiting her.

She works with Claire and, although they are available for 3sums, there is no girl on girl action.


14 review(s) found for ALEXA SEXY GIRL linked to in above post (7 positive, 2 neutral, 5 negative)
7 review(s) found for MEGAN SEXY CUTE linked to in above post (5 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline LL

Thanks for the review. I saw her 2 years ago when she looked just as in the pics. No spare tyre in sight - she was super-fit. I guess a cheapo diet based on what she has conveniently available nearby to the shit-holes she works from (fried chicken and kebabs) have taken their toll on her figure.

You mentioned digital penetration. What, did you try and stick your smartphone up her? ;)

Based on the review time has clearly taken its toll.
Saw her 2 years ago. She was fit, very sexy and a good regular punt

Offline The_Don

Seen her last week (not punted) the photos are a little old.

Size wise a little bigger and taller than I though she would be.

I can confirm 3sum are on offer

Saw her last year, had quite a tight body which was much tighter than the pics she had on her profile at the time. It seems as if she has gone in the opposite direction now though.

Online Vivago

Well I'll be a dipped twat in a pig's pocket if she can get into a size 6 frock. More like size 10 or 12.  She ought to amend her AW profile to reflect this so she is not misleading punters which she is at the moment.

Offline SamLP

The last time I saw her in January she had put on a bit of weight and was around a size 8. I did rib her about it and she blamed Christmas overdose. Seems rather than lose it she has added more weight. When I saw her last year she looked like her pics and even better. She had dyed her hair black the last time we met, it didn't suit her. I don't know if she dyed it back to brunette or not. However, I saw a shift in her attitude and the little time wasting tactics she tried to employ, hence I won't be seeing her again.

Online fredpunter

She completely wasted my time when I arranged to see her a while ago and from what has been said here I'm not persuaded to give her another chance.

Offline smiths

She completely wasted my time when I arranged to see her a while ago and from what has been said here I'm not persuaded to give her another chance.

And she bait and switched me as I reported in my review. :thumbsdown:

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