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Author Topic: U.S. WG turned up in my facebook "people you may know"!  (Read 1743 times)

Offline od13218

Ok, no idea how this happened...
Couple of months ago was in California and visited a TS escort in Santa Ana. Comms were - exceptionally- not via my punting phone which doesn't work in the US. 2 short phone calls to set up the meet and get directions. Obviously didn't use my real name.
Decent punt, went back to hotel, woke up horny thinking about it and had a nice HE massage to deal with it (see review elsewhere!). Thought no more about it until yesterday when browsing facebook this TS popped up as a person I might know! No friends in common, no other connection at all. Anyway deleted that straight away- but how could that happen? Does fb use your call history to dig out potential friends?
Obviously lesson learnt is: don't use your regular phone ever- though hopefully nothing worse will come of this. But I'm still curious. Anyone else had anything similar?

Offline CoolTiger

She must have stored your number or your email address on her mobile, and her mobile is linked to her facebook account.

Presumably, your personal mobile is also linked to your facebook acocunt.

Facebook's software tries to match up people based on this.

Offline od13218

Yes- must be something like that. No harm done (yet!) but lesson learnt!

Offline aardvark

I think she may come up again as FB will keep on trying to link you up with her.  I think that the way they do it is to match any contact info that they obtain from people's phones (saved numbers, email etc) with details that are in their database.  Presumably you have registered your personal phone with FB and when she logged in via her phone, FB interrogated her phone (it is usually a permission that you give) and matched any stored info it found with its database, made the link and sent the suggestion.  The only way to prevent this (as far as I am aware), is to remove your number from FB.   

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