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Author Topic: Do any WGs actually use their real name?  (Read 2135 times)

Offline smiths

I always assumed that WGs- both indies and the ones who work for agencies had aliases/code names that they would work under, therefore protecting their real identity. However, a WG I see regularly at an agency gave me her email address in order to arrange an outcall outside of the agency, though told me she very rarely saw punters freelance.   When she emailed me I noticed her user name was the same as the one at the agency, though did not contain a surname only what I assume would be her middle name. I appreciate it could be an email address she specifically uses for punting, but as she  told me she hardly ever sees punters outside, would it even be worth having a specific email address with a false name?   However, out of curiosity I typed the email address into google and it came up on a forum from 2007 (absolutely nothing to do with punting).  Therefore, is it possible that some do actually use their real name whilst working? And would they ever tell a punter their real name-even just their first name, if asked?

More than likely some do I imagine, from personal experience a few have shown me photo ID that I didn't ask to see except in one case where I wasn't convinced the WG was an adult, she was and said a few other punters had asked for the same and she didn't mind. I would of left if she hadn't showed it to me.

I don't WANT to know any WGs real name as its not my business or of any interest to me, but it is amazing how many like talking about their personal lives.

Offline pianodave

Loads have given me their real identities over the years, often by accident. Many use the same phone as is linked to their facebook - once saved in my phone, it brings up their details automatically, often with all their friends, family, employer etc showing. Others have emailed me from their own accounts with their full name, also again often linked to their facebook. I don't care, their private lives and names are of no interest to me, but it shows that some girls are pretty naive and dumb.

Offline Ben4454

I give them a very generic normal looking name so they do not suspect it might be false.

Something like lets say James Bond
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Don't see much fun in booking a PSE & banging 'Tracy Watkins'.

There's always a slightly weird readjustment period though, when Busty Loren becomes just plain Julia; for me this lasts quite a while.  I use my very common real name as a matter of course.

Never done this as for me it would be weird. Even the woman I've seen half a dozen times and have known her real name from the off, I always address using her working name. I've now reverted back to using my real first name with all WG's as it would be easier to brush off if I bumped into a WG I'd met with the Mrs than if she addressed me by a false name.


Offline cueball

I've learnt a few real names, by accident (mail at the back of the door when leaving etc) and been told honestly (??) by a few too but I always used their wg name to be honest

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