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Author Topic: Nikol and Victoria of Peterborough  (Read 784 times)

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Offline Steely Dan


Oh no the planned party was cancelled (with enough warning).  But still what would I do...had my heart set on it?  So I asked 'Kevin' at LJE to organise me a private party.  3 hours £360.  I choose to take a punt on the girls (like for parties), as this adds to the suspense a bit.

Arrive on time.  Have a glass of wine in the lounge.  Nikol enters in a nice formal black dress. About 25 and Czech ... nice small boobs.  A bit curvy...could be a problem in a few years but it was fine on her now.  Great DFK on the couch. Upstairs to the master BR.  Hot bath is ready in the ensuite.  She helps me wash and dry with bit of OWO thrown in.  Two great sessions: lots of kissing, OWO, RO, fingers, and really hot sex.  After about an hour it is down to the jakuzzi.  This was better than for the parties since we continued to mess around like teenagers - no third session of sex but it was among the best sessions of the day.  Eventually we dry off and have the lunch that was set for us beside the pool. 

Victoria (she called herself Wiki) joins us for lunch (in Bikini not dress).  She is similar to Nikol but with longer hair, bigger but still natural boobs and as I discover massive pussy lips. Really fun anticipation as I tease Nikol about what we did and get Wiki warmed up.  Nikol kisses me goodbye.  Victoria and I get back in the Jakuzzi.  We don't stay long as I'm ready for it.  Back up to the master BR.  It has been all tidied, fresh for more ... even my clothes were hung up.  The sex with Wiki was even better - could be the order effect as since it was not like pop 3 and 4 were gonna be quick.  So after the most amazing RO (if you like huge lips - this girl must have a camel toe no matter what she wears), the cow girl sex was great.  Lazy for Dan as she rode me for ages - kept me on the edge.  Not sure if I have every had pure fucking that long before. After pop 3 I'm thinking I am done for the day...but she is having none of it and coaxes me back to action.  Crazy as my whole body is tingling.  Some 69 (yum those lips) and standing doggy. Great final finish over her tits.

Overall a great day.  The girls were up for everything I wanted.  Having 2 girls in a row is (in some ways) better than the same girl for longer as I start fresh with girl 2.  Not a bargain as I guess I could organise with AW girls for a tad less.  But the venue adds to the pleasure, and I don't need to organise.  And the lunch was good, heh heh. As said before you must join LJE in advance - they are a bit fussy with new members (understandable - cant easily move venues like TPC or Hush), so certainly not for everybody. 

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