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Author Topic: Desperate Punt Syndrome  (Read 1476 times)

Offline smiths

Am I the only one that suffer from desperate punt syndrome?!? I start off by wanting a punt, look on AW, find one I want, she isn't available, spend ages looking for another, not available and so it goes on..... The quality of the lady is dropping by the minute! Hate to think what i will end up with by the end of the day!!!

Nowadays i punt with a plan B option which i know will be good or better so i never compromise by dropping to a WG i dont rate that much if my plan A option goes tits up, that is likely to lead to disappointments.

I also NEVER think with my dick these days, its a  fatal mistake to make in punting as i know from the past when i did.

Offline Andre 3000

I had this today. Monday is the worst day to try and arrange a punt, and the ladies on my hotlist that i wanted to see had not logged in yet. Plus i've been on a slim, small tits vibe of late and wanted to have a curvier lady with larger breasts for my fun today. Alas in the end i couldn't find anyone who i fancied enough who was available.

So i just had a satisfactory wank. Will save my next shag for friday now.

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Offline Melb

I get it a lot, just as you've described it.
The trouble is I can't predict when I'm going to be in that mood and consequently leave it til the last minute.

Offline Ali Katt

I usually plan a punt at least a week in advance, if a lady lets me down I make sure I have a back up. There have been a few desperate days in the past where a lady has let me down and I've left punting to another day, because I've been pissed off by it.

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