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Author Topic: Helena's Adventure & SexyIndependent - Elle (Outcall)  (Read 1393 times)

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Offline shagbambi

I recently saw Helena and Elle for a threesome outcall at a central London hotel. Comms leading up to the meet went very smoothly and both girls arrived on time, dressed discretely.

About the girls,

Helena, is a very pretty blonde, who I have seen numerous times before and I reviewed her last year. She remains for me the closest you can get to a true GFE.

It was the first time that both of us were meeting Elle. Elle is a pretty brunette. I would say, as others have commentated, that she offers a slightly darker GFE. For me it is still GFE as she maintains the illusions of intimacy with good eye contact and being in the moment, as obviously does Helena.

Both girls consider themselves bisexual so good uninhibited interaction between can be taken as a given throughout the meet. As I am fairly vanilla in my tastes this was a vanilla FFM if such a thing exists, with minimal use of accessories, after all we all have fully functional tongues...

The services,

Helena - 69, OWO, RO, full DFK, deep throating and fingering. Obviously loads of sex.

Elle - 69, RO, OWO, full DFK, deep throat, fingering, anal play, spanking (receiving). Again loads of sex. As she is the darker GFE, the deep throat involved a considerable amount of gagging and gasping. The fingering was just that much more vigorous. Lovely.

I would like to add that it was great having two contrasting character types in bed with me, the more tender Helena as a foil to the dirtier Elle.

As for the highlights of the meet.

All I know it was some of the most intense and satisfying sex I have experienced punting. Elle in cowgirl being double penetrated by Helena with a vibrator was excruciatingly divine (ok there was a toy!). Or while deep in Helena both of us receiving oral from Elle or the multitude of peaking bodies in almost any or every combination. Just brilliant. There was almost no point where I did not have a mouth or pussy on my cock and a pussy or tongue in my mouth. 


All I can say is that both girls were brilliant in every way, with their flawless technique, the way they connected and in their abandon.
Simply, the most unbelievably intense and sexual afternoon with two women at the top of their game, which I will certainly be repeating.

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19 review(s) found for Helena's adventure linked to in above post (18 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)
24 review(s) found for SexyIndependent linked to in above post (23 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline lancspunter

Thanks for the review. It sounds like a fun time was had by all.
Banning reason: Convicted criminal

Thanks for the review shagbambi.

I almost forgot I've seen Helena. She's good. Paired with Elle, I could only imagine it'll be sterling.


Excellent review - not seen Helena's Ad but have heard some good things about her.

Thanks for sharing.

PS - So you had Amber Honey and then did the 3some the next day?

Offline shagbambi

Yes. Saw them less than a day apart. They knackered me... Though the smile they left me with was second to none.


Yes. Saw them less than a day apart. They knackered me... Though the smile they left me with was second to none.

 :D :D :D - Yes but what memories to put into the wanking bank !!!  Nice  :hi:

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