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    So what follows is probably the worst punt I have ever had. The amount of scam attempts and childish behaviour from two escorts including their driver is definitely high among all of the escorts I have seen.

    Me and my friend decided to book two escorts to meet us for when we left the nightclub. My friend is new to punting so I wanted to ease him in gently. We booked the girls at 6pm for 2am (which is when the agency gets their list for the night) and we decided to go for Paris and Marina. Paris does not have a picture but my friend wanted her. The receptionist on the phone was very polite. I have booked them more than 5 times in the past which means we get half an hour free. I decided to give that to my friend while I paid for the 1.5 hours.

    Both girls arrived on time. However the first warning sign is Marina is not Russian and Paris is not Italian. They are both Romanian but pretending to be different nationalities. Also their specs are inaccurate. Marina looks young but she looks 40 years old in person and haggered. Paris seemed a tiny bit more attractive but again the very spotty rough Romanian look. I was thinking of cutting the punt off there and then and phoning up their agency but my friend suggested he wants to punt her despite the lying of the agency and I decided to as well while being very tipsy from a night of drinking and if I sent one away it would mean sending them both away and I doubt we would get a booking at 3am.

    Me and Paris discussed services. She charges £50 extra for Oral without and I decided to say no. At this point she got a bit annoyed and all of her attempts to arise a reaction out of me were deflected and turned back on her in a teasing way. She obviously is not used to this and odd mutterings were discussed between her and Marina. Again deflected back at them in a teasing way and at this point I wanted to just hump and dump and get them out of my place and face. Marina complained about me and my friend fucking them in the same room - i told them all discussed prior with your receptionist which shut them up..

    Marina complained about the half an hour being free and said she would not do it. I said for her to phone her agency up and discuss it with them which she did and the receptionist cleared everything up.

    Paris Services: Not many. Complete cum dodger. Does not allow cum on tits, feet or anywhere on her body or anywhere near it for that matter. 
    Marina Services: OWO as an extra.
    Paris turned to me and said you strip off now. I said no I like to take it slow thanks. She then went into a rant about punters who need to do what she says. Her argument deflected back at her and I reminded her that I was the one paying in a happy tone unless she wants to give me the money back she can demand. She then stated how turned on she was getting and became more responsive. After some time she went on to covered BJ which was average at best. She complained she had run out of condoms and I gave her my own packet which I keep for when they give this rubbish excuse and she inspected it and accepted.

    20 minutes into the punt she demanded that I cum now. I put her in her place and said I will cum when I am good and ready and I had paid for 1.5 hours and if she carries on with her attitude I will call up her agency and get her shipped out. She became more responsive and I decided to bang her. While banging her I spanked her ass. She did not like this and complained. I said to her you did not mention this when I asked you about services. She then said to me I have never dealt with a customer like you before - obviously shocked at how seasoned and hard grounded of a punter I am and we kept fucking hard.

    Again after 50 minutes into the punt demanded I cum. I said to her if you want a break take a break and she said no and kept on doing it.  After I had cum I was thankful and just wanted them out as soon as possible.

    At this point Marina turned to me and said in these words

    ''Because of you two I have lost out on a regular and you two need to extend for 3 hours......''

    I said to her I am the punter and if there is a problem with my booking your receptionist should have called us. It is not our problem whether you have lost out on a regular. I then said to her I do not like your attitude and both of you girls can leave now and you will be left a negative review on UKPUNTING. Close the door on your way out...

    At this point the moment became quite heated and they started to make up stories about me calling them a bitch. I laughed it off and said I wish I had said that because right now this is exactly what I am thinking....

    At this point both girls got into a strop and stormed out. We then heard a huge bang on the door and it was her angry driver. I came to the door and was quite surprised at how mucho their driver was trying to be. I  was pissed off at this point and refused to be intimidated and asked what his problem was. He then gave me aggressive body language and I said to him I will not risk my job to deal with you and i will call the police if you do not get off my property by law you're now a trespasser. He left....

    After they left I phoned up their agency and complained. I recieved a apology. All in all an absolute terrible punt. Direct2uescorts your receptionist Marissa is a star however your escorts Paris and Marina are absolute trash. I will not be returning back to your agency. Some of the crap I had to deal with I should not have had to in the first place. Consider myself a loyal customer you have well and truly lost.


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    Thank you for the warning.  I had seen the agency site and always wondered what they were like.  Now I know!

    Seriously one to avoid and blacklist with their unacceptable and unprofessional behaviour.

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