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Author Topic: Is this Jasmine Lovely?  (Read 231 times)

Offline Andyply

Saw a really beautiful Asian lady called Jasmine lovely years ago when I first started punting.  Was my best alongside Raeaya oriental.  Was hoping she might be the same lady. Have looked through her PG on AW and think I recognise some of her photo's but this was a long time ago.  If I remember the massage was awesome, covered BJ and HR, cowgirl riding.  She even let me do RO to get me over the line.  I remember her being a little frustrated that I did not pop straight away    :angry: but when it happened it was the biggest ever in my life and still is.  :wackogirl:
A little up herself I found but if you read my review on Michelle000 you know I like that (WG having to do some bloody work for the money, whilst I lay back and enjoy) Easily the joint best looking WG I have met.  Have emailed to ask if 30 minutes includes owo and cim as extras £140 or will this need to be an hour £190, pricey but one to saviour.  :thumbsup:
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