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Author Topic: Timewaster Safiah_x  (Read 557 times)

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This girls Adultwork profile is


I called her on Wednesday 10/06 and asked if she would be available for an incall on the Friday 12/06. She said yes and sent a text with her postcode. I had to call her from South Croydon station when I got there and she would give me the full address.
We exchanged a couple of AW email messages discussing how the session should go etc and she seemed totally up for a bit of fun.
Her profile even has three good reviews and I always book escorts with good feedback.
Friday comes and I head off to South Croydon station. Takes me two hours to get there.
I call.......no answer.
I text....no reply.
I wait then call again....no answer.
I text......she responds with this................."Do you want an outcall"

I reply "No....you told me to come here and to call you for directions"

No response to any further calls or texts.

What a waste of my time.

I call a pal of mine. A fellow punter and I explain the situation. So he calls her on his mobile and lo and behold...she answers him and accepts a booking for later that day. He does not go of course. He simply calls her to say he is at South Croydon station. But she does not pick up nor does she respond to his texts.

So is this girl fake or a timewaster.
If she is genuine.......why does she feel the need to treat punters/clients like shit.

There are so many good and honest escorts on AW and I have to go pick a selfish ignorant bitch like this.

1 review(s) found for Safiah_x linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Cornish sub

In her FAQ she details her vetting procedure for outcalls to 'avoid timewasters.' Obviously the same rules don't apply when it comes to incalls, where it's obviously her who is the timewaster. Could you possibly get a cheap, throwaway sim and book her for an outcall, giving the address of a local Macdonalds or something (obviously not mentioning it as being Macdonalds) as your home address? Hopefully she'd feel the same frustration as you when it dawns on her you've wasted her time when she turns up at 'your' address.
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Offline MrBridger

19 yo charging £50 per hour? Was it always TGTBT? Or perhaps she read your recent field reports and thought you wanted to be ignored?  :D

Well done for posting feedback - wonder if she will respond?
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Banning reason: Spreading allegations against another punter because of personal dispute

Offline Andyply

Can't be real at £50 ph surely.  :unknown:
if it is I'm on it like stink on doo doo  :dancegirl:
Pretty girl £350 for overnight is a bargain.  :music:
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