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Author Topic: Bubbles spa Nottingham  (Read 16308 times)

Offline MrPie

Anyone been here before? What's it like, and any recommendations of the ladies?

Offline jackdaw

Been once, about a year ago, so can't help much. But here are my vague memories of place:-

1/ Walkable distance (10 mins or less approx) of railway station.
2/ Place physically okay.... neither plush nor dire... just "par for the course". Very public entrance if that worries you.
3/ Paid (I think) 80 quid for the hour,  massage with happy ending included, after a mutual bath. Also reverse massage allowed, so got to run my grubby hands over lades tits. I think that's probably normal service for place. (But who knows? Whilst waiting for my masseuse, heard other ladies moan about another masseuse who was rumoured to knocking out blow jobs for a tenner each. No doubt just unsubstantiated rumour.... but one I was keenly interested in for some obscure reason.)
4/ I liked masseuse I chose. Average looker, but very friendly.

Wish I could help more. (Had a quick look at web site to see if ladies were listed, to try to jog my memory as to who I saw. But as far as I can see it doesn't list ladies or give a rota anymore. (And apparently when it did rota was notoriously unreliable.... at least that's what I remember being told when I started a thread on Bubbles on auto-censored about 18 months ago.)

Offline nwbrfc

Had an itch that needed scratching last Friday (figuratively speaking off course) and with my usual "release" fully booked for the day, I resorted to trying out Bubbles, fully aware that it is a no sex establishment.

Nice enough inside and friendly greeting. £25 door fee and then a choice of 3 girls - chose Nicole and booked an hour. In the room Nicole listed her pricing going up to £70 for assisted bath, reverse massage, fully body massage (front and back), touching (not between the legs) and of course ultimately a "release".

Assisted bath was great with Nicole teasing my cock. But no kissing.  Reverse massage was fine except warned not to let my cock touch her. Fully body massage was very nice, but by now I had been teased to almost destruction and with no prospect of anything more intimate, the end "release" was longed for and I got it.

So all in all a lovely service with a lovely friendly girl.

But I will never go again. I spent £95 and got no kissing, no oral and no penetration. As a punter has said on here before, I can get all that from the wife for a lot less or indeed I can get it all for £100 seeing someone like Blonde Candy.

Offline Totoro

I've been here. Nice friendly girls but yeah for a handjob it is a bit overpriced!

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